This Means War

The last time SCOTUS so short-sightedly and utterly foolishly decided a case was Dred Scot. We know how that turned out.

With this dismissal, the Supreme Court of the United States has just ruled that the Constitution of the United States no longer has jurisdiction over the United States. In so doing, they have also self-deligitimized any jurisdiction they formerly possessed.

The only answer to that has to start with gunfire, and end with nooses.

Conduct yourselves appropriately. The entire social contract is therefore dissolved.

If you swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that bill has just come due. The government of the United States has now entered into a state of war with its own people.

If there is no Constitution, there is no law, no republic, and no allegiance due to any authority constituted under it and subservient to it. That includes the national government, and every former US state and territory. At the stroke of a pen, they have all become pretenders.

The time for talking has ended. Come as you are.

May God have mercy on my enemies, for I shall have none.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is now in session. 

Devil take the hindmost.


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Gail Jansen
Gail Jansen
3 years ago

Amen. If SCOTUS believes that their decision to side-step their responsibility will somehow protect or enhance their Hollywood image, they are dead wrong. SCOTUS inflicted extreme social policies, such as abortion and same-sex marriage, without batting an eyelash but find it inappropriate to protect the sovereignty and rule of law from a foreign instigated attack of war. There is only one conclusion, SCOTUS is made up of dirty actors and should be given no quarter. At this point, anyone or group who sidesteps the call for protecting our country is a traitor. Period. SCOTUS has behaved shamefully for decades and now is the time for them to pay their tab. We need everyone who can to write letters to the editors or getting on call lines where we denounce SCOTUS as un-American and useless. The question is no longer: ‘What will/can they do?” The question now is: Who needs them?”

3 years ago

Yes i believe the time is coming for action but I will wait for the leader to give us the word — Trump’s word and I will do what ever he asks — I once promised to support and defend the constitution and I never took it back, nor will shirk my responsibility to God, — its where I rest my hopes and is the rock upon I lay my head on and my destiny — Peace is the preferred weapon but will use what ever is needed to protect freedom of the weak and hopeless

3 years ago
Reply to  woody8834

If you’re waiting for a “leader”, Hell will Freeze Over before you find one.
Trump is in on the Scam, part of the Corruption.

ALL ‘politicians’ are in on the Scam, part of the Corruption.

ALL ‘judges’ are in on the Scam, part of the Corruption.

ALL ‘military officers’ are in on the Scam, part of the Corruption.

Nobody is coming to save you.

Before you criticize me for saying that, Show Me just ONE Man among those in any Position to make a Difference who has actually done something….

3 years ago
Reply to  Gryphon

I disagree.