Thomas DiLorenzo: More on the Myth of Lincoln, Secession and the ‘Civil War’

Lincoln mythology is the ideological cornerstone of American statism. He was in reality the most hated of all American presidents during his lifetime according to an excellent book by historian Larry Tagg entitled The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln: America’s Most Reviled President. He was so hated in the North that the New York Times editorialized a wish that he would be assassinated. This is perfectly understandable: He illegally suspended Habeas Corpus and imprisoned tens of thousands of Northern political critics without due process; shut down over 300 opposition newspapers; committed treason by invading the Southern states (Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution defines treason as “only levying war upon the states” or “giving aid and comfort to their enemies,” which of course is exactly what Lincoln did). He enforced military conscription with the murder of hundreds of New York City draft protesters in 1863 and with the mass execution of deserters from his army. He deported a congressional critic (Democratic Congressman Clement Vallandigham of Ohio); confiscated firearms; and issued an arrest warrant for the Chief Justice when the jurist issued an opinion that only Congress could legally suspend Habeas Corpus. He waged an unnecessary war (all other countries ended slavery peacefully in that century) that resulted in the death of as many as 850,000 Americans according to new research published in the last two years. Standardizing for today’s population, that would be similar to 8.5 million American deaths in a four-year war.


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10 years ago

In addition to all the atrocious qualities stated in the article, Lincoln was also a Marxist. He was a tight friend of that bag of rotting gefilte fish, Karl Marx. In 1862 Lincoln created a Marxist state by initiating an income taxation and creating a national bank controlled by Zionist-Marxist scum, which means the Rothschilds.

10 years ago

Lincoln was an opportunist- buddying up with the Marxists because they could help him, He thought he was smarter than they and chose to cross them and steal Reconstructed States away from them--making the Marxist-Radical Republicans lose many bucks- while guaranteeing him lots of goodies. They did him in. Their crew included Edwin Stanton and Charles Dana and some nasty crazed Abolitionists in Congress, as well as drunk- do anything to be in good with them- future President “GRUNT!” Their machinations resulted in Lincoln’s EXECUTION which they engineered. They won. They continued winning --taking back their lost Income tax in 1913- and today they swing in THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER a bucket full of high and mighties who control both political parties and manage to keep us in War after War-- to kill off the best of our males- while gaining them world control. They need to kill -the guttiest men who might cause them trouble after global control is theirs. The brightest Americans must also be controlled in one way or another. WHO DOES IT? THE UNHOLY FOURSOME-- CFR, THE TRILATERALS, THE BILDERBERG GROUP AND THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS AND THEIR SYCOPHANT BOOT LICKERS.

10 years ago

“(all other countries ended slavery peacefully in that century)”

While this is true, it leaves the impression that The War for Southern Independence was waged for the purpose of freeing the slaves, which, of course, is not true. This was a war waged illegally by Lincoln for money and power. He stated in his inaugural address that he would collect the revenues, by force if necessary. The South was being unfairly taxed, to the benefit of northern bankers and industrialists. Let us not assist the Yankee myth-makers is associating Lincoln’s illegal war with slavery.