Too Bad North Carolina Does Not Have a Republican Governor

The Pisgah Inn has been closed by the Obama Regime. What is the cost to the state of North Carolina’s tax revenues?

The 51-room inn was booked solid for October. O’Connell said he plans to send refunds to customers who already paid though many planned vacations to see the fall colors months in advance.

His 100 employees are idled; 35 live on the property.

Communities with national parks see about $76 million a day in tourism-related sales that is lost during a government shutdown, according to a National Park Service press release. Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, 195 federal employees are on furlough and about 200 concessionaire employees have been forced off work; 43 Park Service employees continue to work along the route.

Rooms cost $125 a night, and the restaurant serves about 20,000 tourists during a typical October.

We all know that this is not about a government shutdown since the government is paying more to punish these private owners. The cost to the state of North Carolina’s tax base will be in the millions. Do you feel the boot of tyranny yet? Too bad Pat McCrory is too weak to stand up for our state; especially at such a high cost in lost revenue.  Like these park rangers, I suppose he is just following orders. Where have we heard that before?

David DeGerolamo

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defies NPS order to shut parks

National parks facing federal furlough orders may be shutting down around the nation, but not so in Wisconsin.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker said he’s not closing the federal lands to visitors, in blatant defiance of the National Park Service’s demand, reported. The federal agency had specifically ordered park officials in Wisconsin to close doors on Kettle Moraine, Devil’s Lake and Interstate parks, as well as sections of Horicon Marsh — sections that were owned by the state, no less — but Wisconsin authorities shunned the demand.

The state Department of Natural Resources said most of the Wisconsin’s parks identified by the federal agency for closure get most of their money from local taxpayers, not federal coffers. Park authorities said they’re not complying with the federal order.

Wisconsin DNR said in a statement: “All state parks, trails and other recreational properties [are] open and not affected by the federal government’s budget problems.”


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7 years ago

I am surprised more people dont say screw it and go to the park anyways. I mean if all the rangers are laid off then who is enforcing this? these are your parks. Use them.

Joy t Whirled
Joy t Whirled
7 years ago

Governor McCrory is a slimey thief and the worst representative North Carolina has ever elected. The people here are sorry and embarrassed not to mention hurt by his actions. Impeach him and take back common sense and dignity. Start being respectable, respectful and intelligent, act like education and the well-being of people mattered. The thug-life image wrapped in a hushpuppy or a beer coozie that is killing the good name of North Carolina has got to go. No more snakes in the grass no more tea, Moral monday is every day every where, WE the people deserve better!!!