Trump Administration Breaks Campaign Pledge, Places Gun Owners under Siege

The siege began on many of us when the clock started ticking on the “Trumpstock ban.” In a little over a month-and-a-half, if we who have been non-violent and loyal Americans all our productive lives do not destroy or surrender our heretofore lawfully-owned property, Donald Trump’s Department of Justice will declare us felons and marshal the resources of the federal government to take us hostage, financially ruin us, tear us from our families, imprison us and destroy our lives.


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2 years ago

So let me guess someone thinks there’s a political solution to this problem

2 years ago

I do not recognize any gun law on the books, and I would recommend everyone does the same.
The mass non-compliance in CT, NY, MD, CA and CO among others, is extremely encouraging and I hope it continues.
Do not play their game.