Tucker Carlson – Episode 27

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9 months ago

Rubbish article posted on WRAL by a journalist who works for the NY Times. This is an example of the propaganda crap NC reads.

“ Whatever Republican hard-liners may say, they want Russian President Vladimir Putin to win. They view the Putin regime’s cruelty and repression as admirable features that America should emulate. They support a wannabe dictator at home and are sympathetic to actual dictators abroad.

So, pay no attention to all those complaints about how much we’re spending in Ukraine. They aren’t justified by the actual cost of aid, and the people claiming to be worried about the cost don’t really care about the money. What they are, basically, is enemies of democracy, both abroad and at home.”


The Tucker/Hanson interview offered lots of food for thought. Here is a Forbes video of Trump during his crucifixion trial yesterday! Save this so you can stick it in your head if they can do this to an ex- President they WILL do it to you!


I heard later in the day yesterday that the Jacobin judge finally stated the crucifixion trial could not go on because the statute of limitations ran out.

What will each of us do today to be the resistance to the shredding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights?