Tucker – Episode 43

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2 months ago

Wow! I have a newfound respect for and great appreciation for Marjorie Taylor Greene! She exposes the one party system. Well worth the listen! No wonder nothing is getting done to save America.

2 months ago

I still do not understand MTGs vote For the McCarthy Biden Funding Bill back in the beginning of this year. IT FULLY Funded the Feral Coup gov thru Jan 2025.
Elected DemocRats are Bolsheviks, and Elected Repubs are Quislings.
I realize none of us are perfect Trump has major blind spots on the VaXXX, and Child Torture/Clintoons.
I wish Trump and MTG well because they are willing to Fight while most other grovel or pretend.
We have been warned over and over. CYA means Conduct Yourselves Accordingly. The Shockwave coming will be overwhelming even for the most stout of us. Reckoning is a two edged sword, none escape unscathed.
May God have mercy, no one else will or should, imo. Sherman had one thing correct as he destroyed GA and SC,
War is Hell.