Tucker – Episode 88

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17 days ago

My thoughts: What shall armchair warriors do about this? If inclined to speak your peace, contact Mike Johnson.

Roth Harbard
16 days ago

Blackmailed? Could there be pictures that someone is holding over his head? I can think of no reason for our elected officials to be destroying the country aside from bribery and/or blackmail. Those who submit are people of low character. Either do the next right and honorable thing or resign. I’ll not be holding my breath for either.

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
16 days ago

In the interview MTG pointed out exactly what is wrong with congress and for that matter the eyes-wide-shut sports addicted American public. Unfortunately congress no longer represents the interests of the American people and that is why congress will do nothing to stop the invasion of the southern border. However, congress does represent the big banks, CFR, ADL, Israel, Ukraine, big business, big pharma, China and the WEF. Voting is a waste of time. Who is $ John Galt?


[…] Tucker Carlson’s interview (start at 21:30) with Marjorie Taylor Greene, she states that the American people can stop […]

Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin
16 days ago

Ha! I think he’s showing who he’s always been: a FAKE. FAKE “Christian”; FAKE “conservative”. He killed a bill in Louisiana which would have banned abortion. https://rumble.com/v4c5yyw-the-untold-truth-about-the-prolife-establishments.html