Two Viewpoints on Muslims in Burma

Another view:

There is no hope at all for those who follow the MSM news to ever get even a tiny glimpse of objective truth. It is tragic indeed, and very depressing, for those who believe in freedom of information and unbiased news reporting.

Luckily enough, Wirathu has been given a voice at the Burmese online magazine “The Irrawaddy”. His declarations made to this magazine allow us to know the side of the story which the MSM so dhimmishly conceal:

“…I have been told about many cases, such as cases of fighting between Burmese and Muslims and rape cases of 4th- and 7th-grade girls. Most rape victims are students. Other cases are physical attacks and insulting Buddhism — to tell you the truth, there was a case of verbal abuse of monks. Other cases include illegal mosques; mosques and Muslim graveyards constructed without government permission. I’ve received over 50 such cases and I provided suggestions in over 100 cases. I told them to solve the cases in accordance with the law and most take my advice, even the senior monks. Everything is fine as I deal with the cases within the law. In our community, the real 969 [campaigners] do not use violence”.

This shows great contrast with what the article in Spiegel writes about him: “The radical monk is extremely dangerous. Because in the climate of fear and violence heated up by Wirathu […] our land will no longer be peaceful.”

But nevertheless Wirathu is very aware of the real danger. He says that “If you buy in a Muslim shop, then your money does not remain there. It will be used to destroy your race and your religion.” That is, the money spent in a Muslim shop (or at least a part of it) will inevitably be used to fund any of the various forms of jihad.


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