Tyranny: Constitution Free Zones in The United States

From YouTube:

The DHS has enacted various ‘Constitution-free’ zones in the US where your Fourth Amendment does not apply, and they can seize your electronics for no reason whatsoever.

h/t Tom R

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Larry Porter
8 years ago

We are living in Orwell’s world. The DOJ investigated itself to see if it broke any laws. There have been at least two videos out where people have refused searches after being stopped at borders. One was at the Canadian border and the other was at the Mexican border. The second man was told by the border guards that there is no constitution within 100 miles so he’s following this edict by Homeland Security. But in both instances they sat in their car, refusing even to open the window. The man coming in from Canada sat for two hours and after about six border guards , including a supervisor hung around, they finally let him go. The other also had several guards come ask him to please open his door. after awhile, though, they also let him go. So if you are willing to do the dance, they will back down as I’m sure they’ve been told not to push it as they do not want this to go into the court system. Although, watching the courstd these daye including FISA, they have nothing to worry about there either.