Unemployed Americans hurt by immigration order

President Obama’s move to halt deportations and issue work permits to illegal immigrants age 30 and younger may fulfill a dream for upwards of 1.4 million to 2 million potential beneficiaries, but it’s a nightmare for 20 million unemployed Americans.

In capitulating to special pleaders, the chief executive has done a gross disservice to African-Americans, Anglo-Americans and Hispanic-Americans who pay taxes, raise families, work hard and obey the law.

Pro-amnesty advocates argue that children should not be penalized because their parents sneaked across the border or overstayed their tourist, work or educational visas to remain unlawfully in the United States.

Furthermore, why doesn’t the White House publicly recognize that nearly one out of three young male veterans — able-bodied and disabled — was out of work last year?


h/t Maureen

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