Unintended Consequences for Aiding and Abetting Illegal Aliens

Deborah Ross’s comments as outlined on this site concerning “Americans” did not reflect the unintended consequences of North Carolina’s policy to harbor illegal aliens by issuing driver’s licenses in exchange for votes.

I am sure that the taxpayers in Mississippi are not too happy with the consequences:

A man accused of trying to rob a pearl business this week remains in critical condition at UMMC.  Pearl Mayor Brad Rogers says they haven’t yet charged the 26-year old because the city doesn’t want the responsibility of paying his medical bills.  Unfortunately, Mississippi taxpayers will likely have to pick up the tab.

The suspect, Arnoldo Villafuerte was in the country illegally from Guatemala.  His suspected accomplice, 36-year-old Alex Vivas was shot and killed Tuesday night.  He was also here illegally from Honduras.

Police say both men lived in the Crossings of Ridgewood in Jackson.  We’re told  used a fake driver’s license from North Carolina and a bogus social security number to lease the apartment. 


Mrs. Ross’s effects to enhance gun control instead of protecting the second amendment in our state did not seem to deter the actions of Arnoldo. I hope that Mrs. Ross will one day understand that she was elected to represent “Americans” who are legal citizens of North Carolina not people in the continent of Central America. I know that there are the North and South American continents but we have to remember she was once an attorney for the ACLU and this will take a long time (or another election). This is why North Carolina needs a recall amendment.

David DeGerolamo

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