US Alerts Two “Elite Military Units” To Be On Standby Over Deteriorating Libyan Situation

Earlier today, news crossed the wire that the British Embassy was pulling all non-essential staff from its Libya embassy, with the release of this warning: “Given the security implications of the ongoing political uncertainty, the British Embassy is temporarily withdrawing a small number of staff, mainly those who work in support of Government Ministries which have been affected by recent developments.” Moments ago, perhaps in an attempt to avoid the humiliation suffer by Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi fiasco, Fox News reports that “The U.S. military has alerted two elite military units in Europe to be on standby if needed to respond to a deteriorating security situation in Tripoli.”


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judy w. miller (@judywmiller)

Guess Obama’s gun-running to Syria has caused a shortage in Libya. Let’s see which of these two countries gets the nod from Bama’s Brotherhood.