Va Flaggers: Confederate Victories in Roanoke and Danville

Last week, we reported that the NAACP in Roanoke, Virginia, working with City Council members, had attempted to have the Battle Flag banned from the city’s Christmas Parade. They were unsuccessful, and the NAACP then called for the local SCV to “compromise” and use another flag. 28th Virginia Infantry SCV Camp #491 Commander Mark Craig refused and the call went out for supporters to turn out and line the parade route.

On Friday, the unit marched as planned, without incident:

Spectators and participants reported more flags than ever before in the parade, and overwhelming support by parade watchers, who cheered and shouted as the unit passed by. The NAACP and local Democratic Party called for a protest, and it consisted of less than a dozen people holding banners, who were largely ignored and very strongly outnumbered.


h/t Brock T

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5 years ago

As a direct descendant of a Private in Company B, 57th Infantry, Virginia Volunteers, I am grateful for all that my fellow Virginians are doing to keep our Confederate flags flying. My great-great grandfather, from Franklin County, fought in Gettysburg, under Major General George E. Pickett, and survived Pickett’s Charge against the odds.

He was captured and made a POW where he endured the extreme prison conditions until the war ended. He lived a very long life and was buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. I await the day when our government and the racist progressives decide that these Confederate soldiers will no longer be buried along with their flag….

I went to a Christmas parade in Middleburg, Virginia 2 weeks ago. I was DISGUSTED that this Christmas parade allowed a small group of NAACP members to walk in a non-political parade. I turned my back. I also write a scathing letter to the parade’s organization. Perhaps they are willing to provide entry to a marching group of Virginia Confederates next year….

Thanks for providing this article.

Mark Pugner
5 years ago

Overheard while standing in aged black woman saying to her friend, “What is all this Confederate Flag stuff about?” Friend: “I don’t know and don’t care!” Woman: “Me neither!” If it weren’t for the NAACP and the news “media” stirring the pot, it would be a moot point to black people.

Another goody for you about the Confederate Flag on Memorial Drive at the end of Robertson Street Bridge (formally known as “Smurf Bridge”). The land used to be owned by the owner of Abe Koplin Clothing, who was all for taking down the CF. He didn’t know he sold the land to a CF supporter. That’s where a very large CF now resides. They are many CFs in well placed, highly traveled locations throughout Danville now.