Van Jones: Help us make sure foreclosed voters have a chance to vote in November

Rebuild the Dream

First, the bank stole your home even though you never missed a payment. Now… you may not be able to vote?

There have been thousands of reported cases of banks illegally foreclosing on families and stealing their homes. In the worst cases, people paid their mortgage on time every month, never did anything wrong, and the bank foreclosed anyway. Even the legal foreclosures stem from the economic collapse caused by bank recklessness.

Today, there are nearly 18 million Americans who have suffered through a foreclosure and need to re-register at a new, permanent address in order to vote in November. 

We’ve got a plan to register these voters, demand that the banks do something to make sure foreclosed Americans can vote, and put these voters on the radar of the news media. We’ll partner with VotoLatino to build an online hub of voting information for foreclosed homeowners and dedicate staff time to pressure the banks that caused this problem to be part of the solution.

Rebuilders have made it clear that spreading the truth that “America Is Being Robbed” is our number one priority. The families who lost their homes while banks were bailed out are the biggest victims of that robbery, and we need to make sure they can raise their voices by voting in November.

Are you willing to help? We need to raise about $12,000 this week — voter registration deadlines are coming up quickly. 

Help us make sure foreclosed voters have a chance to vote in November.

VotoLatino was started in 2004 to register and mobilize Latino voters, and their campaigns have reached an estimated 55 million Latino households nationwide. The states hit hardest by foreclosures aren’t just swing states — they’re states with some of the highest Latino populations in the U.S.

We’ve heard a lot about the assault on voting rights — which disproportionately affects Latinos — that’s helping the worst of the 1% rig the system against the rest of us. This is part of that same fight.

Millions of people have watched their American Dreams disappear into a foreclosure notice. If nothing else, let’s make sure their voices are heard in November.


Ian and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team

P.S. — Heads up! Van will be on The View with music legend Prince and Voto Latino Co-founder and Chairwoman Rosario Dawson on Monday… you won’t want to miss it. 

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