Viral Videos Feature Truck Drivers Discussing Nationwide Strike

Viral videos are being posted to social media featuring truckers in the United States discussing the possibility of a nationwide strike on November 29th in protest against coronavirus lockdown measures and the election.

“As of now the word is November 29th,” states one trucker. “November 29th, we park and we don’t move…November 29th is the day we take this country back. Spread the word. It’s our time. We say what happens,” he adds, before warning, “Shit’s about to get real.”

A second video features another trucker outlining the reasons for the strike – coronavirus lockdown measures that have unfairly impacted drivers as well as the outcome of the presidential election.

The individual, who goes by the handle @brickpaad on TikTok, says that at one time truckers were considered to be important because they ensured people received toilet paper and gas to heat their homes.

A nationwide trucker strike may be coming.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) November 9, 2020

“We’ve been out here in the middle of this pandemic this whole time bringing you shit and how do you thank us?” he asks.

“You close down the restaurants that we eat at…then you close down our rest stops. Now in Wyoming they’re talking about not even plowing the highways this winter because they can’t afford it,” he adds.

“And to top it all off, 70 million of you guys voted against the trucking industry, against first responders, against oil and gas – we ain’t gonna forget this shit, you already have but we won’t.”

A separate report from The Counter details how more than 100 truck drivers in New York “are threatening to strike and shut down supply chains to Whole Foods and Stop & Shop supermarkets in the tri-state area.”

“The drivers say that their employer, the grocery distributor United Natural Foods, better known as UNFI, hasn’t been giving them basic PPE nor have they disinfected their trucks in months,” states the report.


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Brownwater Navy
Brownwater Navy
3 years ago

As a trucker for 42+ yrs I would like to see it happen but I doubt it will, it has been tried hundreds of times in my 42 years and the dedicated ones will shut down and loose a lot as the others who (can’t afford it,have bills to pay, have a family to feed,etc etc etc ) and now that the industry is filled with foreigners who have no love or allegiance to America much less themselves I just don’t see it happening, for those of you out there that do strike I applaud you and wish you well an let it be known I am with you in spirit.

Kate Frederickson
Kate Frederickson
3 years ago

Its not just foreigners, don’t put all the blame on some poor folk man, you started out as one too! Be logical instead, they can always find drivers. Its not rocket science to drive a truck. If they can enlist millions of people in the military and convince them to go shoot some poor sap dead in the face half way around the world, they can easily get people to drive those trucks. This nation is the great satan and it has to face judgement for all its evil deeds and all the death and destruction that it has caused all around the world. God is standing against America the Babylonian empire and he is about to bring judgement on it and all these people are wanting it to stop and they wont be able to. If you heed his word and depart from it, you might actually be better off. But then again your spirit stands against Gods holy spirit. So you will fall too! Anybody who thinks that America will be great again obviously has never read the bible. It will fall and never return to it’s former self. It will continually decline year after year and your children will immigrate to other nations looking for better opportunity, and people in those nations will not all be welcoming either. They will encounter the same racist and hate that those who came here after have. We all got off a boat and came across an ocean at one time or another, in some people’s cases they just crossed a riverbed on foot. It is what it and the American military industrial complex is on it’s death bed while the world around it is growing and getting stronger by the day. Nation after nation is denying the American dollar and figuring out it is a dying nation. They can all see the writing on the wall. Not easily seen here as we have a million people making a noise in DC at the moment. It will not work. It will fall and it is Gods judgement.

Brownwater navy
Brownwater navy
3 years ago

Ok Kate,not sure where that came from,I just made an observation on an industry that i am familiar with and I do whole hardheartedly agree with most of what you say,just don’t understand where you got the idea I’m against immigration or you think I’m racist. I was not putting the blame on anyone just saying the large companies out there keep their drivers in ck by pushing hard and keeping wages low so most company drivers can barely make ends meet much less go on strike in which case they then bring in drivers from other countries knowing they can pay them less wages. (Notice I said nothing derogatory about any immigrants) Where the rest of that came from has me puzzled. Where in there did I even suggest I was at war with Gods holy spirit and where did I say America needs to be great again?