Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

I received the following email from Mr. Obama begging for money so that he will be able to present his second inaugural address when reelected. I can save you the time. If you do win a second term, here is your second inaugural address:

My fellow Americans,

You are the most ignorant people in the history of the world as the 2012 elections have proved. I will do my best to continue to destroy what is left of “your” country. Once again, I thank you for your support.


Barack Hussein Obama

David DeGerolamo

Friend —

This time next year, I want to be writing a second inaugural address about how we’ll go even further and build on the progress we’ve made together.

Right now — before midnight tonight — you can help make sure I get the chance to make that speech, and that we don’t have to watch our work rolled back.

Campaign organizing and field office budgets are being drawn up according to what we raise in 2011.

Can you help?


Thank you, and happy new year —


P.S. — Tonight’s also your last chance to join me and Michelle for dinner. Any donation you make today gets you automatically entered.

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1 Response to Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

  1. William Sterrett says:

    Barack I can’t help you, and I am not your friend. I am a Patriot. In Liberty always, Bill

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