We All Knew This Day Was Coming

The ascension of the East and the decline of the West is hanging in the balance of the petrodollar. When (not if) the dollar is replaced as the world’s reserve currency, our economy will collapse. Along with any assets stored as 1’s and 0’s.

Mr. Putin is definitely in charge as China maneuvers in the shadows. Europe will capitulate: they have no choice with winter approaching. The top four articles at Zerohedge.com show the power play has begun in earnest.

David DeGerolamo

Putin Says The Petrodollar Must Die, “The Dollar Monopoly In Energy Trade Is Damaging Russia’s Economy”



Gazprom To Europe: We Own You

It is no secret that in scrambling to find an alternative to Russia’s energy-export dominance, Europe is actively seeking to recreate the US shale miracle (at least superficially, recall that a month ago Germany shelved shale-gas drilling plans until at least 2021, when it would again reassess the shale ban). Curiously, one of the few places that features as a most probable candidate for shale drilling, is none other than Ukraine itself whose Dnieper-Donets basin is a place targeted by local energy company Burisma, where as we have reported extensively in the past, none other than Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has been strategically placed as a director to give the US a front line of sight into drilling developments.

There is one problem, however, and a rather major one at that: it will take Europe years, in a best case scenario at that, before it can bring its shale output online. In fact, according to Gazprom’s quarterly report released on Wednesday, shale gas production in Europe could be possible in Europe not earlier than in 2016-2018. Which, of course, is Gazprom’s polite way of saying that for at least the next two years, and likely far longer, European marginal gas needs will be met by the dreaded Russian semi-nationalized monopoly, which in turn means that for all the posturing, the Kremlin will have an exclusive “right of first refusal” to determine European economic growth with the literal push of a button.


Bank Of Japan Plunge Protection Team Goes Into Overdrive, Buys Most ETFs Since 2010

“The BOJ can only support the bottom, but stock valuations can only be raised by the values of each company,” said Takahiro Sekido, a strategist at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. He added sharp rises in domestic shares are unlikely unless investors are able to see improvements in business conditions in the years ahead.


Gold Jumps Above $1320 As Bunds, Treasuries Hit New Cycle Low Yields

With the USDollar giving up all the week’s gains this morning on the heels of EUR strength (repatriation), weak claims data coupled with import prices sparked a leg higher in gold and leg lower in the yields of bonds on either side of the Atlantic. Gold poked its head above $1320 briefly, having been smacked lower twice overnight. 10Y US Treasury yield is now 2.39%.German 2Y yields traded at -1bp, there lowest in 15 months as 10Y Bunds dropped below 1% for the first time ever. Equity futures are fading back into the red.


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