We Have Been Headed Here for a Long Time…

The below clip is from Saturday Night Live, Season 4, Episode 4 – wherein they parody pResident Carter’s ‘Crisis of Confidence’ speech given July 15th 1979 –

And here is Carter’s original speech, which frames my assertion that we have been on a clear and singular course, irreconcilable with the nature and foundation of our Republic, and therefore destructive to both our society and form of government.  And that our “leaders” committed to this singular course when the United States (via the FED, Congress, and pResident) repudiated the last vestige of our Gold Standard in favor of a totally Keynesian fiat currency.

In short, they chose the road to the well-defined disaster which we are now approaching – because they knew that it would deform the economy in a way favorable to the owners of the member banks of the FED, and their ‘blue chip’ bretheren of the self-defined socio-economic elite.


Watch the whole speech.  I remember watching it at the time, and being a young man I though what he was saying made sense.  I was not yet aware, as I am now, of the incredible corruption – the corruption of the people in politics, and also the profound corruption of politics itselfBecause politics is about the sharing of ideas amongst a group of equals – a polity – but what the Progressives engage in is not Politics; it is pseudo-religious hedgemony of their approved version of “the truth” – thus Progressives operate with a presumed position of moral authority identical to that of a religious elite. 

This is why you cannot reason with Progressives – their presumed “superiority” exonerates them from facing any inconvenient facts.  Witness it for what it is – Progressivism is a cult: a false religion, in every aspect of it’s opeartion.  And, false or not, the maxim still holds that “when religion and politics travel in the same cart, the riders believe nothing can stand in their way. Their movements become headlong – faster and faster. They put aside all thoughts of obstacles, and forget that the precipice does not show itself to the man in a blind rush until it’s too late.” [Frank Herbert]

 Looking at it now, I realize that this speech by Carter is perhaps the most definitive point along the road to Hell which I have ever seen disclosed by any of our “leaders” –  Carter confesses to every evil mechanism which the Progressives have forced upon us since this infernal commitment was made – Militant Environmentalism, Regressive Tax structures including outrageous Estate Taxes, government commandeering of a total sector of our economy (Oil Production and Infrastructure in this case), forced “Conservation” via Government Mandates and Punitive Taxes, false claims of undefined “technological advances” which will solve the “Scarcity Problem” (which they have created for their own benefit), and nearly every other Communist/Progressive lever by which they have forced and manipulated the society of these Unites States into bondage and subservience to their baseless dictat, thereby destroying our Republic. 

And please don’t argue the point – our Republic is indeed dead.  It was assassinated, by this very same clutch of Progressive “leaders”, who now claim that we need to ‘have more confidence’ in “our” government and financial markets.   This Crisis of Confidence of which Carter speaks has been their nemesis the entire time – it is the Truth, and the Public realization of it – and they have battled it the same way from start to finish: with lies, misreresentations of facts and statistics, manipulations of markets and specific businesses, lawfare against us as citizens, and outright warfare against any nation uppity enough to challenge their Global Scheme of Transformation

And all to support the LIE that it is still “our government” and “our economy” – their most important piece of deception, the one crucial to their entire plan, is to prevent us from discovering that they have stolen the Government and the Economy from us… until it is too late for us to take it back.  

Mr. pResident, this repudiation of an honest currency, as part of the larger and preceeding repudiation of doing business in an honest and sustainable way, IS and HAS ALWAYS BEEN the root cause of our ‘Crisis of Confidence’.  This Crisis of Confidence has never truly gone away, because it has never been addressed; it has in fact grown to be the dominant factor in every field of our lives; and thus condemns everything that we do.

Our nation will not recover – neither economically nor socially – until we accept our pennance for those evils done, and re-establish ourselves upon the honest standards which are the true roots and valid heritage of our people and our nation –

Liberty as an objective Standard in Law.  Sound money.  Earnest and honest standards of business.  Legitimate non-intervention in the affairs of other nations…

And the *actual* equality of all men under God, not under Government.

So don’t speak to me of “peace” as you wage secret wars; nor of “blood, sweat and tears” required to build a society, while you destroy that very society in mockery of our efforts and the spending of our very life-blood to sustain it against your destructive plans; and most of all do not speak to me of PROGRESS while you are driving us in the wrong direction, for it is not progress to move closer to Hell, and it is not improvement to accelerate our society towards that singular EVIL towards which we are headed, and have been headed for at least the last 44 years – since that absolute commitment to this EVIL course was made.

For a time we were free, America.  As free as the Israelites were, when they had crossed the Red Sea.  But now, we shall face a geneation in the wilderness, to expurgate the evil and repent of the sins which we used our freedom to engage in.  Because the themes of history are there to teach us; and if we will not learn from the errors of the past, then we shall face the same challenges again.  There is no cheating in life – those who choose the rigged game and the crooked scales may appear to win, for a while, but ultimately they are purged from among us, cast into outter darkness.  This is the promise of God, and I believe it.



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Jeff Marshalek
Jeff Marshalek
8 years ago

I thought the same as you David about Carter’s speech. Then look who followed him, Reagan. He exploded the deficit. He sponsored the greatest tax increase in doubling the social security tax on the middle class. He was the greatest regulator since D. Eisenhower. All of this was done by Reagan who continually preached about reducing the size of government. The truth that Carter spoke was rejected, and the masses loved the lie.