“we won’t get normality back without a fight”

h/t WRSA

by el gato malo:

pro tip: you should never have given it up in the first place without one

first a trickle, then a torrent, then a flood.

the media is finally cottoning on to the fact that covid is over and probably never should have happened.

these public pontification inflection points happen FAST because the nature of media is not to lead nor even to inform: it’s to follow.

and suddenly, it’s OK to say it’s over. it’s OK to say that people want their lives back.

media, now more so than ever, exists to mirror and to pander, to suss out the zeitgeist and to echo back what will be popular. this is selected for with the ruthless A/B testing of “what are people clicking on?” the media has no idea what “the news” is until you tell them. it’s editorial slant has become a polling mechanism, not a data source.

this is one of the hallmarks of the modern media sphere: it’s all real time feedback loops now. they know EXACTLY what you read and must compete against 1000 others who know the same all of whom may be costlessly switched between.

any who fail to pander fall from the flow.

that is not protection, it’s exacerbation.

it seeks to inflame, not to inform.

so, now that society has seen the abject failure of these covidian policies with its own eyes and snapped perceptions open to the rest of the ruse played upon them, the media will slavishly follow. and we get articles like THIS.

they do not come when they might have helped resist the tide.

they come once you’ve already won.

and we see ever more “experts” and “leaders” scurrying for cover and swapping jerseys to “team manage the disease, don’t wreck the world.” this is because they too do not lead, they follow. mostly, they always have. most in the US and UK alike were on team “let’s just handle this like we always have” at the start. the derangement came later. (more on that in a minute)

and just as certain internet felines may have muttered something about, the true bio-fascists, authoritarians, and the denizens of the anxiety-medico complex are exploding into paroxysms of shrillness and rage as they feel their karentopia slipping away. they are turning on one another and venting their righteous rage upon their former friends like a school of piranha eating itself because the adherents of jihadi sects save their fiercest fury for not for the infidel but for the apostates.

You’re Going to Want To Read the Whole Article Here…

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tom finley
tom finley
10 days ago

Another great article thank you Wes, freedom is never given it is taken, so let us take it.

10 days ago

SCOTUS Won’t Back the Mandates

10 days ago

I never gave up and will not give up.