What a STRANGE Celebration !

I often “ponder” things. My friends consider this a curious behavior. Lately I’ve given quite a bit of thought to the upcoming pageant:

“NC Secedes” – Living History Event

NC Capitol, 21 May 2011

We should gather at the Capitol for a re-enactment of the secession of the Republic of North Carolina from the voluntary association previously known as the “more perfect Union”.

The sponsor of the event, North Carolina State Capitol Foundation, has an interesting tag-line: “Celebrating Our Past, Inspiring our Future”.

Note the choice of words … celebrateinspire.

This will be a celebration

What, if I may enquire, will we celebrate? Do we honor an act of defiance to preserve the sovereignty of the body politic in NC? Do we honor the conviction of freemen who would no longer tolerate encroachment in their affairs by national government?

We are taught in our schools that North Carolina is but a geographic sub-division of the United States, Inc. So this cannot be a celebration of our sovereignty.

We are dependent upon national redistribution to subsidize welfare programs within North Carolina. So this cannot be a celebration of our distaste for encroachment.

Dear Governor Bev, what then is the purpose, the object, of this celebration?

This event is intended to inspire

What, if I may enquire, should be inspired? Will we endeavor to repeal of the volumes of Statute and Ordinance that encumber our lives? Will we seek to return to lawful government under the NC Constitution of 1776?

Will we finally break our shackles of Reconstruction and act again to “…dissolve the union between the State of North Carolina and the other States united with her under the compact of Government entitled ‘The Constitution of the United States’”?

Dear Governor Bev, my “ponderings” tell me none of these outcomes are likely to be inspired by the upcoming pageant at the Capitol.

Come to Raleigh on 21 May – Experience the “hologram of liberty” !

hol• o• gram (häl’ e gram) n. [< Gr. holos, whole + gramma, writing]
2. a document falsely representing itself as an accurate metaphor

I, however, will be elsewhere on that day since I plan to:

• Mingle with people of differing political opinions
• Drink beer and whisky in public view
• Voice my perspectives and advocate for issues
• Bear arms upon my person
• Harm no man unless approached with malicious force

I choose to simultaneously exercise my varied and unalienable human rights without constraint; something I cannot do at the Capitol in Raleigh without breach of ordinance and statute.

I choose to celebrate true liberty.

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10 years ago

Could it be that Perdue et al will be celebrating the beginning of the events that led to the loss of our sovereignty and inspired by our transformation to socialism?

10 years ago
Reply to  dagny


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