What Does History Teach Us?

We are told to be non-violent in order to take back our government. We are told we have no leadership, no goals and no action plan. Let’s remember the actions of the Bonus Army which had a simple request: give WWI veterans their promised bonus early in a time of depression.

They brought their families. They listened to their leaders and peacefully protested. They were unarmed. And they were attacked by the very military that they were part of 14 years earlier.

I could say that I do not know what our path forward is. But that would a lie. I know that we will not accept a stolen election by enemies who will surrender this country to Communism. I also know that voting is not the solution because the system is rigged. There are several paths forward and all have drawbacks. But nothing is worse than getting down on our knees and praying that we will not get a bullet in the back of our head by our new “masters”.

  1. Donald Trump declassifies information exposing the traitors. He can only do this with the help of the military. Trump remains as President for four more years. Probability of this COA is low.
  2. Biden is inaugurated and the military takes over the government in a coup to stop the Chinese Communist Party from taking control of the country. Probability of the COA is high.
  3. Texas secedes after not recognizing the authority of Joe Biden. Other states join the new country and the country balkanizes. The variables associated with this COA preclude assigning a probability to this chain of events. I believe this is the scenario that will have the least amount of bloodshed.
  4. Regional breakouts of resistance form to fight Communism. This COA also has too many variables for assigning a probability but the amount of bloodshed will be high.

There are other less likely paths forward but we would be wasting time second guessing any other future pathways. We do know that the election was stolen and that the Deep State now controls Washington, D.C. We know that if we do nothing, the Republic and our Liberty is gone. I know that Americans would rather die than become enslaved. The Deep State is counting on our apathy and divisions to keep us from acting. Prove them wrong.

David DeGerolamo

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3 years ago

And WWII veterans persevered in the Battle of Athens, but several veterans went to jail involved in the Madisonville Hoax in 2010 due to the issuance of Operation Vigilant Eagle by the FBI. Vigilant Eagle was applied in DC on Wednesday. Will veterans rise up again in the face of this kind of persecution? Will any action be effective without veteran involvement?

3 years ago

I’ll tell you how the future will probably play out. The commie left cements its grip on power. EVERYTHING Trump accomplished will be quickly reversed. The wall comes down, millions of turd world invaders will be imported to vote for the left and suck up tax dollars and welfare. Taxes skyrocket and businesses that have been fleeing Kali and New York start fleeing to other countries. Unemployment and violent crime go through the roof. Total disarmament of the country begins. The abuses begun under the Plannedemic continue and expand. The CCP expand their control over the commie demonrats while look g the country of anything valuable they can acquire. Within ten years America looks like a giant version of Venezuela while the left and their media whores blame everyone but te true culprits….. themselves. In short hell comes to visit for all except the 1%.

3 years ago

“….the Deep State now controls Washington, D.C.”

Personally, I believe they issued that news headline on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX.
We’ve been under their control for a long time, President Trump may have been the first high-profile and influential person to defy them, at least for a long time.
When they eventually bared their fangs, they were huge.