White Guilt Brainwashing Camp

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Rabbi Will McCubbins
Rabbi Will McCubbins
3 years ago

I cannot be made to accept guilt I had no part in. Also after this conflict I will be first in line to buy slaves at the auction! Though I probably wouldn’t buy any blacks. Nothing racial its just on average blacks are not intelligent or ethical enough to be any use to my activities.

2 years ago

My Response to all this Nonsense has become pointing out the Fact that White Men put the Footprints on the Moon, No Other (lesser) Race was Capable of Doing this for the First Time. And Inventing all the Science and Technology that the untermenschen are allowed to Use, like Electricity, Cars, Petroleum Products, Airplanes, Cell Phones, Clean Water on Tap, Medicine, and a Million other Things that No non-White peoples could have done.
Hey, if they want Me to be “Racist”, I’ll be Happy to apply My Superior Intellect to giving them Exactly what they Want… like it or Not.