Who Is Responsible for Fear?

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So we are now living in the top down, bottom up, inside out phase of chaos outlined by Van Jones. The president is offering two week intensive training courses for field organizers. Van Jones has launched his Rebuild the Communist Dream and his latest press release announces an “unprecedented movement wide training” for the 99% Spring:

This is it. This week, we make history. Starting today, people are coming together for an unprecedented movement-wide training called the 99% Spring. There are more than 900 events nationwide! The training is step one to prepare for what follows: we will draw a line in the sand against corporate control of our economy and democracy, using our very bodies to say, as one, “No more.”

If the average American is wondering why Eric Holder has not charged any of the New Black Panthers for offering a $10,000 bounty on a citizen who must live in fear, you are not alone. The Zimmerman family has sent a letter to Eric Holder asking this same question. The answer is clear: the rule of law is now selectively enforced in America. And for good reason, that is the plan to organize chaos in the streets to instill fear into the people. At that point, we will beg the government to do something, anything to restore order. Unfortunately the restoration of order comes at the price of our freedom.

One example of this “tactic” is known at “The Night of the Long Knives” from 1934:

On July 13, Hitler gave a long speech to the Nazi controlled Reichstag (Parliament) in which he announced seventy four had been shot and justified the murders.

“If anyone reproaches me and asks why I did not resort to the regular courts of justice, then all I can say is this: In this hour I was responsible for the fate of the German people, and thereby I became the supreme judge of the German people.”

“It was no secret that this time the revolution would have to be bloody; when we spoke of it we called it ‘The Night of the Long Knives.’ Everyone must know for all future time that if he raises his hand to strike the State, then certain death is his lot.”

By proclaiming himself the supreme judge of the German people, Hitler in effect placed himself above the law, making his word the law, and thus instilled a permanent sense of fear in the German people.

And what happened to the head of the four million brown shirted Nazi storm troopers, the SA (Sturmabteilung):

As for Ernst Röhm – on Hitler’s order he had been given a pistol containing a single bullet to commit suicide, but refused to do it, saying “If I am to be killed let Adolf do it himself.” Two SS officers, one of whom was Theodore Eicke, commander of the Totenkopf (Death’s Head) guards at Dachau, entered Röhm’s cell after waiting fifteen minutes and shot him point blank. Reportedly, Röhm’s last words were “Mein Führer, mein Führer!”

Since December 31, 2011, America has seen the NDAA enacted, our fourth amendment rights further weakened by the right side of the Supreme Court, our first amendment rights stripped on Federal property (HR 347) and another executive order on National Defense Resources Preparedness. There are only two questions that the people need to ask of themselves: Do I feed safer now than one year ago and who is responsible? Let us hope that Americans will show more resolve than Germans.

David DeGerolamo

Zimmerman family challenges Holder on New Black Panthers, says no arrests ‘based solely on your race’

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, a family member of George Zimmerman asked the nation’s top law enforcement officer why he has chosen to not arrest members of the New Black Panther Party for their rhetoric — some of which may fit the federal government’s definition of a hate crime — throughout the Trayvon Martin case.

The family member believes the reason Holder hasn’t made those arrests is because he, like the members of the New Black Panther Party, is black.

“I am writing you to ask you why, when the law of the land is crystal clear, is your office not arresting the New Black Panthers for hate crimes?” the family member wrote to Holder.

“The Zimmerman family is in hiding because of the threats that have been made against us, yet the DOJ has maintained an eerie silence on this matter. These threats are very public. If you haven’t been paying attention just do a Google search and you will find plenty. Since when can a group of people in the United States put a bounty on someone’s head, circulate Wanted posters publicly, and still be walking the streets?”

The New Black Panthers have issued ultimatums to the Sanford authorities, saying they want Zimmerman arrested “dead or alive.” They have placed a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, and have called for the building of an army of vigilantes to track him down and effect a citizen’s arrest.

Most recently, the New Black Panther Party has called for violence.

In a conference call recorded over the weekend, the militant group said it planned to “suit up and boot up” and prepare for the next stages of the “race war.”

So far, however, no members of the New Black Panther Party have faced legal consequences.

After citing the U.S. Department of Justice’s published definition of a “hate crime,” the Zimmerman family member wrote that there is “no other explanation” for Holder’s failure to authorize arrests of New Black Panther Party members, other than the fact that Holder himself is black.

“I would surmise that, based on your own definition of a hate crime, you have chosen not to arrest these individuals based solely on your race,” the family member wrote to Holder, insisting too that the was “NO racial component” to the “tragedy” that occurred on the late February night when Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.


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