Why Do You Have a Right to Your Money?

Last week I wrote a short article which many in our liberal left progressive communist community found “outrageous”.

In that article I stated: “There is no common ground for compromise or negotiation with the naked evil that only covets what you have and believes it should become theirs.”

Here is the proof … 28 seconds into the video one of the pro union activists shouts “Why do you have a right to your money?”…


Read the article: “Why Do You Have a Right to Your Money?”

Watch and prepare. 

This is the mentality that came to the Capital grounds in Raleigh last weekend. 

Some of us stood our ground.  Where were you?

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10 years ago

So where does this leave us? The divisions in this country are clearly defined between Capitalism and Communism. Both sides believe that they are correct and the opposing side is the cause of our economic collapse.

I choose based on natural law, the right to property and Christian values. The Communists are successfully manipulating “useful idiots”. Unfortunately, there are more of them than us. Hans asks the significant question: Where were you? I will ask another question: Where are the churches? Let’s see how that 501(C)3 excuse holds up when the state declares religion illegal.