Why Does North Carolina Not Have a Voter ID Law?

Can someone explain to me why North Carolina does not have a voter ID law in place? The Republican Party controls the house, senate and governor’s office. The Republican Party drafted legislation for Voter ID in 2011. Was this legislation just sleight of hand to just be a means to have a campaign issue for the Republican Party in the 2012 elections? Is the new governor waffling on Voter ID legislation?

Why did the GOP not run a candidate against Roy Cooper for State Attorney general so that prosecution for voter fraud could proceed if he was not re-elected? Why did the GOP support Ed Goodwin’s  “crying campaign” against Elaine Marshall instead of fighting for voter reform through the Secretary of State’s office: this was an easy campaign issue that was never addressed? Why is no one in jail for voter fraud in North Carolina? A few high profile convictions would go a long way to stop this practice as we wait for the GOP to do something.

Too many questions and no good answers. The longer it takes to pass voter reform in North Carolina, the less time this legislation will have to defend it against the inevitable lawsuits brought up to continue this evil practice.

David DeGerolamo

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