Why Is New York City Dumping Their Homeless in Fayetteville, NC?

Bracing for a city showdown, Fayetteville, North Carolina is looking to take on New York City after a handful of homeless families were reportedly illegally bused there from the Big Apple.

An investigative report from the NY Post found that it’s part of an assistance program in New York but Fayetteville’s mayor says he had no idea it was happening.

“There were a number of cities in the country that New York was sending their homeless to and we were one of them,” said Mayor Mitch Colvin. “In fact, I think we were the largest recipient in North Carolina and this was troubling.”

Mayor Colvin says he found out about it when a reporter from the New York Post contacted him earlier this month for comment on the estimated six families that were reportedly bused to North Carolina as a result of the SOTA program or Special One Time Assistance Plan.


h/t Lisa the Infidel

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Rabbi Will
Rabbi Will
4 years ago

And Salisbury NC! Believe it or not they’re doing it with the aid of a lot of sick in the head local churches!

4 years ago

Democrats just love to spend other people’s money to make themselves “feel good” and convince themselves that they are actually solving problems.

But does that ever happen or are their actions just causing more problems?

More importantly, do they even care about the efficacy of their acts when only intentions and motivations are their important determinants of what action to take…..??