Will Ann Barnhardt Lose Everything in Her Fight Against Tyranny?

At some point in our lives, we have to make a stand for our beliefs. My beliefs are simple:

1. Liberty is a natural law given to us by God. No man can take it from me.

2. When taxation becomes tribute without representation, it is our Sacred honor to defend our freedom from tyranny.

3. Until the people start to suffer, they will not stand up for their rights. In other words, the country is filled with cowards.

4. Our churches have sacrificed the Word of God for their own security.

5. Both political parties are responsible for our usurpation. The Constitution and what it represents is far greater than one president, an impotent Congress and a corrupt Supreme Court.

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

Sorry to hear of your loss Ann, freedom has a price. Now there is one less thing to be threatened with.
This is the tactic of the opposition. Ann is not the first and she will not be the last to loose property, freedon, finances and any other thing the opposition can do to discredit, and make life uncomfortable.
When will the FEMA camps begin to fill up. We await someone to step forward to lead. This whole business is just beginning and it will get worse very soon.
Where is “The Postman”when we need him.

Mr Galt
9 years ago

Ann reports on her blog that the IRS confiscation has already begun. On Saturday October 27th, her 36th birthday, IRS swept $20,000 plus out of her Wells Fargo account. I understand why she’s doing what she’s doing, but I can’t help but feel sadness for her situation. Godspeed Ann.

9 years ago

I wrote to Ann and gave her two of the ONLY tax lawyers in the US that have won so many tax cases against the US Government /IRS She could bag these Gov fools..She wrote on her site that she was not going to do anything and for readers to NOT SEND HER ANYMORE OF THIS TYPE OF MESSAGEs. So , besides her fowl mouth and her wanting to do the man’s work . Hasta La Vista.

9 years ago

Ann’s last update to her blog barnhardt.biz is dated Oct. 30. What is the latest news on her situation?

Signed -- one of Ann Barnhardt’s admirers

Robert E Driscoll
Robert E Driscoll
9 years ago

I respect Ann’s integrity, faith and willingness to stand up for what she intently believes in but in the end she will lose everything including here presence of mind and be destroyed. She will then be replaced and forgotten by another. The real victims will be her family and friends which will witness the loss of a loved one to a system that does not give a damn about her or her cause.
She will be committing suicide, destroying God’s greatest gift to her and her family and friends just like an irrational person destroys themselves by shooting themselves in the head.

In the end the family and loved ones will see the scene of her death to the world and be traumatized for the rest of their lives.for what she did to herself. They will remember that she refused their help and drove herself deeper emotionally down the rabbitt hole of despair, depression finally succumbing to evil which drove her belief in what she was doing was the right thing and it was her job to make a stand for what she believes makes her a hero.

Ann Barnhardt is a selfish little brat that craves attenion. Her cause to do what is right and that she will pay the price for freedom is in quite vivid terms a bunch of ” BULLSHIT”. Grow up Ann Barnhardt use your talents and brains to fight the system and WIN. You quote the bible and pray the Lord’s Prayer daily….do you thing Our Lord wants you to destroy yourself, everything he has given you including your family for a fight with the US government and the IRS. God will take care of them in his own way. Are you doing to risk eternal damnation because you willingly gave in the the evil one by destroying yourself. Grow up and fight the system with prayer.

I really hope she reads this….if I were her brother or father, they should be telling that she is not the only Barnhardt in the world.

Ann your in my prayers always.