Will you accept the Beck Bomb Challenge?

Greg Brannon

Tomorrow I’m going back on Glenn Beck’s program.

But this time, not only will I be on his radio program in the morning, but I’ll also be live — in studio — with Glenn Beck tomorrow night on TV.

That’s why I’m proud to announce our campaign is holding a “Beck Bomb Challenge” tomorrow.

You see, all eyes are trained on the North Carolina Senate race.

Political experts say this race is the pivot point for the midterm elections.

Unless conservatives boot Kay Hagan from office, you and I are staring down the barrel of Harry Reid entrenched as Majority Leader.

And that means ZERO chance to repeal ObamaCare.

But Republicans everywhere will wake to that nightmare if my establishment opponent squeaks through the Republican Primary.

Conservatives around the country recognize how crucial this North Carolina Senate race is to our movement — and are rallying to my campaign.

Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Ron Paul, conservative author Ann Coulter and FreedomWorks PAC have all endorsed my campaign because they know I’m the conservative in this race who can beat Kay Hagan.

So tomorrow, I hope you’ll join these conservative leaders and generously support my “Beck Bomb Challenge.”

This campaign is going to be one of the most costly in the entire country — and I need the ammunition to fight back.

So please, make the most generous contribution you can to my campaign’s “Beck Bomb Challenge” tomorrow.

Greg Brannon
Greg Brannon, MD
Republican Candidate
United States Senate

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