What are the consequences of not watching television? Mainly, I do not see commercials or political ads. I also do not have to watch television shows with an agenda supporting immorality, religious attacks, climate change or a new world order.

I am able to look at polls on the Internet which currently show Biden leading Trump by approximately ten points. The same polls which predicted a Clinton win in 2016. My metrics are based on my area of operations is roughly 20 miles in diameter: less than 2 days walk in a worst case scenario. I went for a drive yesterday for produce and cold weather vegetable flats which took me through back roads in North Georgia which provided some interesting metrics.

While I saw over 50 Trump signs of various sizes in yards, I saw only one yard with a small Biden sign. I have seen one Biden bumper sticker on a car in this election season. This corresponds to the sizes of the attendees at Trump rallies vs. Biden rallies. I will make a prediction that Trump will win this election despite the voter fraud by the people desperately trying to overthrow the Constitution or to stop from being tried in a court of law for treason.

While we have seen their actions for almost four years, the term known as Trump Derangement Syndrome is based on hate. This hatred for the American culture, work ethic and national pride has been twisted as a label for everything that made America great. Imagine people protesting the flag, police, a fair judicial system and their transference of hate to our side with the aid of the political elite and the media even a few short years ago.

But we have seen how their actions have be transferred to our side to provide cover for their transgressions. We are the haters because we want an America that they abhor. November 3, 2020 is not our election day; it is the day where our country changes to a new paradigm. The options laid out by the TIP publication or the option where Trump wins both the electoral college and the popular vote all have the same outcome: massive civil unrest.

Which brings me back to hate. They hate us. It does not matter why they hate us, we only have to accept that they will not compromise. Our choices are submission to their new world order dictates or civil war. And that is how the two sides are clearly delineated: hatred and apathy. I say apathy because most people on our side assume that hatred (evil) will not win. Good always triumphs because America is the happy ending that Hollywood of old taught us. Some will say apathy should be replaced by the love as taught by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I would like to agree but we have to admit that our churches have failed us. Their new age Christianity is how we got to this position today: they failed to produce moral citizens as our founding fathers commissioned their role in our nation. We have no Black Robe Regiment today to guide us to follow His path and the consequences will be water to the tree of Liberty.

So we go back to hate. As the likelihood increases for a civil war, the hatred on both sides is increasing. Will we let our apathy turn to more hatred? This would be the worst outcome as our country’s Great Experiment would come to a bitter end. Do we win if we become what the real haters say we are?

That is the question that every man must ask himself. Look in the mirror and wonder who you are. So look at your life, who do you want to be before you die? Look at your life, and what do you want to do. Although these are good lyrics by Cruxshadows, self introspection is the first step. How do you want your children to remember you? As a good man or woman or as a narcissistic hater?

I have made my choices. I will fight the haters who want to destroy my culture and life’s work. I will fight an honorable war in which I will show compassion and mercy, not hate to my enemies as George Washington did in the Presbyterian War. How do I define enemies? Anyone supporting the enemies of the country who are usurping the Republic.

I understand that the civil war has already started in the major cities controlled by Democrats but this is just a prelude. There is a reason we cannot buy ammunition and why the nation’s governors are stockpiling food. I understand there will be no re-education camp in my future if we lose. I understand that any negotiation or deal offered by the haters will be worthless. I understand that they will have no compunction killing or imprisoning my family. Once you understand this also, you will never bend the knee.

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to Hate

  1. Kenneth says:

    Amen David.

    Thank you for this article.

  2. Shallow Water Sailor says:

    Good comments David--and to the point.

    Yes Trump will win this election--and there will be an attempt at a color-revolution/insurrection where the communists push in all their chips in an attempt to take over the US government.

    What everyone out there reading this needs to understand is thus: if you just hunker down at your farm, on in some BOL bunker hoping that the storm will pass over you--you will contributing to the takeover by lack of commitment and action.

    If you decide to stay in the so-called ‘redoubt’ areas this is a loosing strategy, because you will lose in the long run and eventually you will be fighting at your doorsteps.

    You must physically get into the fight--and yes there will be physical fighting and conflict. This is a given. You must ride to the sound of the guns in your area and confront and put down the insurrection with other like minded individuals who will manifest themselves once the opportunity arises.

    There will be the opportunity to muster on several thousand Lexington Greens this time around.

    When called upon, act decisively.

  3. Andy says:

    Excellent article, David. I would like to bring your attention to a book, which was classified by the CIA in 1996, and “declassified” in 2013 (well, 57 pages of it were declassified). It is known as the Adam and Eve Story, by Chan Thomas. Below is a link to the full book without ANY classification. It covers a number of the topics we discuss here regularly, and blows wide open the reason for which so many of us have been feeling that something bad is going to happen, and why we prepare.

    Hate is the result of a lack of empathy. A lack of empathy will allow people to do heinous, cruel and unimaginable things to other people. This is happening now, and the trend has been increasing gradually over the last several hundred years. The explanation for this is in the text, but here’s a clue… the magnetic field surrounding the Earth is collapsing, and scientists know from research with mice that a colony of mice that are subjected to a normal magnetic field act normally, while mice that are subjected to the equivalent magnetic field that one would find between the earth and the moon (much, much weaker) and are thus not protected by the magnetic field from cosmic rays, after about three months become cruel and will behave in a manner best described as crazy… crazy to the point that they will engage in forced rape and cannibalism, the highest form of cruelty, even when normal their normal food is readily available.

    The earth’s magnetic field is collapsing due to a normal, cyclical event that happens approximately every 12,000 years, and it has weakened by almost 20% just since the year 2000, and is weakening at an exponential rate. This is not news… scientists have known this for some time. What they are not disclosing is what will happen to the earth, and all life on earth, as the weakening peaks and the polarity of the magnetic field reverses. Hint: It’s not good. That sense of impending doom is NOT your imagination. It is God speaking to you, telling you that change is coming, and time is short.

    It’s an easy and fascinating read, and getting a copy of this was no easy feat. I encourage you to spend a couple hours with it, and let your own conscience and knowledge decide if it is worthy to be taken seriously. I am.


  4. Matt says:

    “ I have made my choices. I will fight the haters who want to destroy my culture and life’s work. I will fight an honorable war in which I will show compassion and mercy, not hate to my enemies as George Washington did in the Presbyterian War.”

    I think back to how my barbarian Germanic and Nordic ancestors would have responded. They would have shoved a sword through the chest of these pansy assed fools who design themselves rulers today.

    I want, to be left alone, but if that isn’t going to be an option, I’m very willing to channel my ancestors.

  5. Truth-in-Tension says:

    The ABR (Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Revolutionary Communists are the pawns on the chess board, they are the expendable pieces, the useful low IQ idiots. Inasmuch, as they will have to be dealt with, the real enemy is “China” which is currently aligned with the Brotherhood of Darkness (communist, international socialist, both American political parties, UN, Mosad, CIA, MI5, MI6, FBI, the majority of all government agencies including most law enforcement, all government employee unions, educational institutions, UN, central banks, global corporations, the military, the legacy media, Rockefeller and Rothschild syndicates, etc..) to destroy America while eliminating all freedom and enslaving mankind in their Brave New World.

    Dave Hodges has been sounding the alarm on the Canadian governments treaty allowing Chinese troops into western Canada. The pretext is so that Chinese troops can protect China’s business interest.

    If China is in fact making a move into western Canada then the coming friction and danger is exponentially greater then the ABR threat. Does anyone have any information relating to Chinese troops being stationed in western Canada?

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