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Point of No Return?

We have been warning for months that high-yield bonds have decoupled from equity markets, just as they did in 2007/8, and the credit cycle’s turning will inevitably flow through to crush the only thing left supporting stock valuations – the … Continue reading

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Futures Bloodbath = Major Red Flag for Investors

The entire “Stock Market Gains” of the last 12 months have been wiped out over the weekend, while you were mowing your lawn and enjoying a last bit of summer recreation. Take a look at the following charts [captured at roughly … Continue reading

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Travel Fund for Defense of Property Rights

  Folks, a contingent is coming together to travel to Huntsville, AL, to support Tyler Truitt, the 27 year old Marine Corps veteran whose property rights are being abused by the city through ongoing acts of lawfare.  The funds raised … Continue reading

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HSBC To Fire 50,000

(ZeroHedge)  Just days after JPMorgan revealed it would fire another 5,000 by the end of the year in a “scalpel” headcount reduction, overnight the world’s favorite drug money laundering bank HSBC unleashed the “machete” and announced it would cut almost … Continue reading

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Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Authorities

(ZeroHedge)Just two days after Deutsche Bank co-CEOs Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen announced their resignations, the banks offices in Germany, France, and the UK have been searched by authorities. Deutsche Bank confirmed its offices in Frankfurt had been searched on … Continue reading

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More Obamacare Consequences?

Trust the government with your personal health and financial data. After all, what could go wrong?     ( USA Today ) As many as 1.1 million Washington D.C. BlueCross BlueShield members may have had their information accessed in a … Continue reading

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As the Escalation Continues…

Britain’s Royal Air Force scrambles typhoon jets to intercept Russian bombers near UK air space – Defense Ministry says – @Reuters ~~~~~ Sooner or later, an irrevocable act will be committed. That which comes, cannot be turned aside. WE HAVE … Continue reading

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Chicago Goes Junk, Owes Bondholders $2.2 Billion Immediately

(Zerohedge)  Following an Illinois Supreme Court ruling that struck down a pension reform plan aimed at closing a $100 billion funding gap, Moody’s downgrades Chicago to junk, giving the city the dubious distinction of being the only major city “in … Continue reading

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Fox Runs EMP Threat Story…

None of our civilian infrastructure is protected from EMP, and there is no initiative to remediate that danger. “It would take $2 Billion dollars to protect our electric grid – this is about what we give to Pakistan each year … Continue reading

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Without question, this is plain evidence of Treason – our pResident speaking directly to the Iranian people, voluntarily offering them promises to assist in the development of “peaceful nuclear power” for their terrorist state of Iran. US Constitution, Art. 3, Sec. … Continue reading

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The Final Birth Pang of Tyranny

The final birth pang of the tyranny presently in process of being delivered to us may well be the product of the 20th Amendment to our constitution, “ratified” in American Progressivism’s first heyday, over 80 years ago – Amendment XX of … Continue reading

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First They Lie – When That Fails, They Arrest You

(ZeroHedge) When 20% of the populace no longer believe the lies and begins questioning the state’s enforcement of the status quo, the government devotes its resources to punishing dissenters and resisters. Whistleblowers are charged with trumped-up crimes; those publicly refuting the … Continue reading

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It Is Time to Sell Your Cloak

“And he said to them, “When I sent you out with no moneybag or knapsack or sandals, did you lack anything?” They said, “Nothing.” He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and … Continue reading

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Enemy Action

If you are still waiting for the war to start…  you’ve plainly missed something.  Ferguson is the current skirmish in an ongoing escalation of racial and ideological warfare, but it is not the only one – WICHITA, Kan. (CBS St. Louis) … Continue reading

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How A Country Dies

(Zerohedge)   Those living during the decline of Rome were likely unaware that anything was happening. The decline took a couple of hundred years, and anyone living during the decline only saw a small part of what was happening and … Continue reading

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