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Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine

Abstract The efficiency of delivery of DNA vaccines is often relatively low compared to protein vaccines. The use of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) to deliver genes via magnetofection shows promise in improving the efficiency of gene delivery both in … Continue reading

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Dr. Hodkinson Interview – COVID-19 Vaccines, Infertility & Spike Protein Dangers

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BREAKING! Recordings of Moderna Representative Making HORRIFIC Admission About Jab

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Got Guns and Ammo? Joe Biden Plans Speech to Blame Guns for Rise in Violent Crime

Joe Biden will deliver a speech Wednesday that will blame gun ownership for a dramatic rise in violent crime in America’s major cities. White House press secretary Jen Psaki previewed Biden’s upcoming address during the daily press briefing on Monday. “The President … Continue reading

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Tucker: Brace yourselves, climate lockdowns are coming″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Trish BLASTS Move to ‘Cancel’ the America Flag – Shreds Left’s Attempt to Create a Socialist Utopia

How about this one: One star for the West Coast, East Coast, New England, the South, the Midwest, the Upper Midwest and the West. One bar for each branch of government. What do you think? David DeGerolamo

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More people are now eligible for NC’s 1st $1 million vaccine lottery drawing

When Governor Roy Cooper first announced North Carolina’s Summer Cash and College Tuition drawings, specific groups of people were not immediately eligible based on where they got vaccinated. That group included those vaccinated through the Veterans Administration (VA) among others. … Continue reading

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America’s SHAME is GONE: How the woke left HIJACKED ‘Juneteenth’″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Beauty Candidate Defends the 1st Amendment”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Nothing More to Say”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

For those who think this is not their fight, I disagree. Our enemy has stolen our government, our educational system, our health care, our Liberty and our wealth. They have marginalized our culture, religion and history. They have financed and … Continue reading

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How Does It End?

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Bannon Blasts Pathological Liar Fauci And Why He Has Many Dark Days Ahead Of Him

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M&S Launches Lingerie ‘Inspired by George Floyd’”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Democrat PAC Founder Says its OK For White People To Be Executed In The Street For Trolling People”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”responsive”:true,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Law Signed by DeSantis Will Allow for Forced Vaccinations

A law signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will allow for the Florida Department of Health to forcibly vaccinate Florida residents. S.B. 2006 was signed into law by DeSantis on May 3, 2021 and immediately hailed as a major victory … Continue reading

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