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More than 90 million immediate casualties would result”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

More… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The above simulation would be a solution to climate change that some people would welcome. I have no doubt that we would already be in WW III if Hillary had won the election. The restraint shown by Trump … Continue reading

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Finally, Sheila Jackson Lee Gets the Respect That She Deserves”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

The last ten seconds of this video will go down in meme history. The people of Texas should be ashamed of this “congressman”. David DeGerolamo

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It Must Be Bad When CNN Slams the Democrats’ Hearing”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Ted Cruz Schools Democrat Senators”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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War Drums”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

The new face of war: cyber attacks, drones and robots. At least President Trump is showing restraint and requiring proof before starting another war for profit. On the other hand, the appeasement of Iran by the West is setting up … Continue reading

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Sam Culper: Forward Observer Dispatch

Forward Observer Dispatch Bottom Line Up Front: Local intelligence helps solve national- and global-level SHTF problems. By now, you should have heard about the drone attack on Saudi oil infrastructure. As of late Sunday night, it’s sending oil futures higher.  … Continue reading

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Coming War? Saudi Arabia Oil Fields and the Iran Drone Attack EXPLAINED”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

Deescalation: Trump Doesn’t Want “War With Anyone”, Wants “Definitive Proof” Iran Behind Attacks With the war drums beating loudly ever since Mike Pompeo accused Iran of launching the drone strike that crippled Aramco oil production, moments ago the odds of … Continue reading

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We Are Getting Closer

from KP on Twitter

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The End Of Prayer Shaming″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

Three years later and it has only gotten worse. Why are we allowing the media and politicians to shape our beliefs? David DeGerolamo h/t Caroline

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Democrat Truth vs. the Facts

From Beto O’Rourke: “When we see (those weapons) being used against children, and in Odessa, I met the mother of a 15-yr-old girl who was shot by an AR-15 and that mother watched her bleed to death over the course … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th, and we knew our bad luck had started this morning as soon as we heard the heartbreaking news that a flaming asteroid hadn’t smacked into last night’s Democrat debate. Meaning all ten candidates were able to further expound … Continue reading

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Will You Eat Soylent Green?”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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Tell Me Again What Is Wrong About Security Our Borders

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Civil War Is Coming″,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9

Most people do not understand that our founding fathers ratified the 2nd Amendment to protect the people from the government. So what happens when the “government” comes to take away your right to protect yourself? David DeGerolamo

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SHTF Intelligence Gathering”,”type”:”video”,”providerNameSlug”:”youtube”,”className”:”wp-embed-aspect-16-9
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