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Carolina/Georgia Legal Defense Fundraiser – Kings Mountain Area – 0900EST 12DEC2020

h/t WRSA Additional details to follow: WHAT: Get-together in meatspace for fellowship, planning, a speaker or three, and a hat-passing to support NC Renegade’s fundraising efforts for Sidney Powell and Lin Wood at: WHERE: Vicinity of Kings Mountain State … Continue reading

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Situation Update, Nov. 29th – 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is “Kraken”

This update’s topics include: How Trump-appointed judges in federal district courts are speeding rejection of Trump’s lawsuits in order to get them to SCOTUS more quickly. The coming seizure of Dominion voting machines by law enforcement, followed by forensic analysis. … Continue reading

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WVW-TV Exclusive: Lt. General Michael Flynn’s First Interview Since President Trump’s Pardon Includes His Talking About Ongoing Coup w/ Guest Lt. General McInerney and Mary Fanning

General Flynn indicates 10 out of 10 chance that Trump will be next president… 350 – 400 electoral votes. Interview here:

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A Personal Statement from General Flynn to America: Faith, Family, and Friendships

By Michael T. Flynn By Almighty God’s grace and with the love and courage of my wife Lori, the strength and fortitude of our families, and the inspiration of our friends and every single patriot who circled me with their … Continue reading

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Situation Update – Nov. 26th – Flynn in place, DoD aligned, rendition flights ACTIVE

(Natural News) The Situation Update bombshells just keep getting more intense by the day. Right now, the average American news consumer is 100% clueless of reality, having no idea that treasonous operators across America are being extracted, placed in private … Continue reading

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A Letter to President Trump: “We Enter This Battle with You, Mr. President with God’s Help – If We Perish, We Perish”

Below is letter from an anonymous reader who sent this to the President of the United States.We felt this was fitting on this national holiday. Dear President Trump:The 2020 elections have lived up to their expectations. They will be remembered … Continue reading

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Appeasement Isn’t In Our Nature…

Aesop’s latest… Election theft = war. No compromise. But we’ll accept your unconditional surrender.The secret is out. If you’ll steal an election now, and get away with it, you’ll steal them forever. We’re not going to spend 4 years – or forever … Continue reading

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Deep-state spooks trying to turn law enforcement against patriots flocking to Parler, MeWe, Gab

Alternative social-media platforms seen as dangerous, ‘anti-government’ for allowing users to post ‘conspiracy theories’ about election fraud A threat to state-sponsored Facebook and Twitter?November 22, 2020: exclusive The federally funded Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center sent an email alert last week … Continue reading

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Breaking — Jenna Ellis issues statement on Sidney Powell…

“Jenna Ellis — ‘Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump legal team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.’” So, this is troubling, and not … Continue reading

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“Get Out! – Go Get a Warrant!” – Business Owners in Buffalo, New York Stand Up to Cuomo’s Covid Orders, Kick Out Sheriff and “Health Inspector”

Business owners in Buffalo, New York fed up with Cuomo’s authoritarian Covid lockdown orders asserted their Constitutional rights and kicked out sheriffs and “health inspectors” on Friday night. 50 business owners gathered inside of a shuttered gym in Buffalo, New … Continue reading

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Willful Blindness

Willful Blindness, by J.R. Nyquist The election fraud on November 3rd was significant. Evidence for fraud was presented yesterday at a press conference led by Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell. The question is: Will we reinstate the values of the … Continue reading

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Bracken Sends

h/t WRSA

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Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism

America has now come to the brink of falling into a communist abyss. At the center of this battle is now President Donald Trump, who has clearly said no to socialism and communism and ended decades of appeasement of the … Continue reading

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WATCH: Trump Recount official claims they’ve seized Dominion servers in Germany and evidence will “shake the globalists to their very core”

It’s going to get interesting, folks. In the video Brian Trascher, who is part of the Trump Recount Committee, told Newsmax that they’ve seized Dominion servers in Germany that were used to count US votes and that the evidence they … Continue reading

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How the 2020 Election was Stolen from Donald J. Trump

It’s no more complicated than this…

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