Feinstein’s Backdoor Tricks

treasonCommandant Feinstein and her zombies have been very busy, and very sneaky.  Take a peek at what they didn’t want you to notice (always watch the other hand) –

The problem on page 13: All semi-autos are outlawed, not just some.

Pro-rights and anti-rights attention has been focused on the tremendous list of guns that would be banned under Feinstein’s bill, which takes up a significant portion of the 122 pages of this proposal.

Here’s the problem none of the “news” reports have spotted:

  1. The list of guns doesn’t matter.
  2. Magazine size doesn’t matter.
  3. If the semi-auto firearm has anything to grip it by, it is banned.
  4. It’s very clever actually.

According to the bill, any semiautomatic firearm that uses a magazine — handgun, rifle or shotgun — equipped with a “pistol grip,” would be banned. That sounds like a limitation, but it is not.

A pistol grip (on page 2)  is defined (on page 13) as “a grip, a thumb-hole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip.” In other words, the gun list does not matter. It is a smokescreen designed to distract people from the true meaning of the bill. And it has done a magnificent job. It worked!

Any semi-automatic firearm that exists, with anything on it you can grip, is banned. (There is a grandfather clause for old stuff.)

The list is meaningless tripe. It is camouflage for the real purpose of the bill. When the president said he is not going to take away your guns, well, Feinstein’s bill puts the lie to that.

Magazine size does not matter. Brand name does not matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s black. If you can grip it, it’s banned under this bill.

Source:  http://redflagnews.com/headlines/must-read-key-items-missing-in-feinsteins-gun-bill-by-alan-korwin

When will folks get it?  The collectivists do not “negotiate” or “compromise” – they simply steal from you, repeatedly, until you have nothing left; only then do they kill you.

Patriots, hear me plainly:  There are only two way out of this place; you can either depart in a casket, or you can move and shoot through your enemies, putting them in their rightful place forever.

Make your list; make it long; be prepared, for the time to kill the enemies of Liberty is upon us.  And when you go forth to do this thing, leave none wounded, but kill every last one; in any house where the enemy resides, eliminate everyone who has attained the age of reason, leaving none alive to carry the disease forward; take as prisoners only those with valuable intel who can be vigorously interrogated later, and/or those whose public executions are necessary to the rectification and healing of our nation.  This disease of the mind must be eradicated.


~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!

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Administrator Of Justice
Administrator Of Justice
8 years ago

“…the time to kill the enemies of liberty is upon us.”

A bit reminiscent of the instructions in Deuteronomy 20, verses 10 through 18

In particular, verses 17 and 18:

“You shall annihilate them [names deleted] just as the Lord your God has commanded, so that they may not teach you to do all the abhorrent things that they do for their gods …”

8 years ago

Exactly, watch the other hand. Fienstein’s bill will never pass. What will happen is someone will propose a “compromise” bill that will include universal background checks. Who could be opposed to a person having to have a background check, “you want to keep the felons and nutjobs from having guns don’t you?” Can you say registration leads to confiscation?

8 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Good point. A ban would be a rallying call. A boring, old compromise bill can be sold as pointless noise. “They just need to do something to keep they’re voters happy, don’t worry.”

8 years ago
Reply to  rogerunited

Yes, there are always compromise bills. I don’t have a problem with a background check itself; however, I do not believe in required registration. Two distinct and different things. Currently, the only guns routinely registered are Class III weapons (full automatics and explosives). A background check is done anytime you buy any gun from a gun shop. If an FFL sells a gun to you, he will do a background check; however, he will not register the gun -- unless you ask him to. Most FFL’s don’t like to register them -- more time and paperwork.

8 years ago
Reply to  Joe

After the compromise bill is passed, it will need some tweaking in the coming months. Its those tweaks that will make the mushy compromise a firm ban.

ɯoɔ˙ɐqɯnʇɐʇ (@TheMadApe)


Are you aware that a US Army Vet was arrested in New York for carrying empty 30 cartridge magazines in his vehicle? He is being charged criminally and the MSM is not reporting on it.

Where will this lead?

“According to wwnytv.com, on January 7th, 32 year old Nathan Haddad was arrested when police discovered five 30 round (standard capacity) AR-15 magazines in his car during a vehicle check.

Haddad was charged with five counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon and arraigned in Watertown town court”


here is another link to the story:

and his photo:comment image

8 years ago

They are going to try to pick us apart. Their distractive legislations, hearings, arrests, demonization of us at every turn. While we are distracted by this they will throw that. They are in a race. They have to get all their ducks in a row by the warm weather. No one demonstraits in the cold weather.
The list doesn’t matter. their goal is total domination of everthing. No gardens, no food storage, no private lands, everyone on gov checks, the list goes on and on. Who is this witch that blows her cold wind of demands about our guns? Sandy Hook is the picture but the assaule weapons were not present there. Clever distraction to use children as pawns. Abortion is ok to kill so many millions, drones in other countries to kill so many children and yet their message is to protect our children from these evil guns. Smoke and mirrors.
We cannot be seperated from out quest. Freedom from lies, deciept and oppression. The tax and spending has put us in debt beyond recovery. It’s just survival now. We have to rid the country of all the politicians, bankers and big business that are killing the country……Bring a rope. Dianne find a hole to hide your deranged brain in and tell all your friends we’re comming for them too.