Hello America, This is Your Sanity Calling

sandy-hook-no-bodies-Daily-MailThe following comments are excerpts from an article (TerrorOnTheTube.co.uk) which exposes a compelling string of commonality between the Sandy Hook Massacre and the London Subway Bombings.  Both incidents are riddled with inconsistencies in their reported timelines, a lack of objective evidence as to the reality of events, multiple “details” announced and then withdrawn without explanation, suspiciously immediate appearance of military/federal authorities, and outright lies, such as what weapons were used and how they were obtained. – Here are the observations:

“No-one has been able to get into the Sandy Hook elementary school to verify if there are any bullet-marks, bloodstains etc, then on January 2nd the children were transferred to another school some miles away: we assume the old Sandy Hook Elementary School will remain sealed off, and will be demolished. Perhaps a shootout DID NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN THERE? 

sandy-hook-squadWas it all just an act, with kids hearing some bangs?  The new school will be patrolled by security guards permanently: presumably to maintain the kids in a state of sufficient trauma to prevent them talking, or remembering the wrong sort of thing.”

“The Sandy Hook Elementary School was in an up-market area of Connecticut, shown by the large majority of its children being from Jewish families. It would have had high-security equipment including CCTV cameras. We have as yet not been shown images from the time of the crime (curiously vague, but said to have been three minutes around 9.45 on 14th December). There are no images of a ‘crime scene’ eg bullet-marks in walls or through windows. No wounded persons being interviewed.”

“There is no reason to suppose that the 20-year old autistic Adam Lanza had any expertise or practice in using guns, still less that his Mother went herself to a firing range or belonged to a rifle club and brought her son along. The car allegedly driven by him to the school turned out to http://ncrenegade.com/dating-site-templates/[video has strangely been “Removed by the User” – Ed] with FBI ties. Would or could any young man shoot his mother, take her car, drive it to a school to which he does not belong, be dressed in black, shoot his way into the school with several guns and kill virtually every target he aims at? How could anyone believe such a story? Then he kills himself – and then, goes over to his car and puts the rifle he has allegedly used back in the boot. There is no conceivable motive for this physically quite impossible sequence of events.”

“If a story is being made up, then different agencies will be spinning it, so it will never be very coherent. The Sandy Hook story became incoherent at the moment when CNN News announced that four pistols had been found in the school: presumably because the official coroner had averred that each of the 28 bodies had an average of seven bullet-holes in them, so they needed four pistols to credibly sound as if two hundred bullets had been fired. One young lad is not going to break into the school with four guns – after shooting his own Mother.”

“The story of the rifle used – the Coroner averred that all injuries had been made with the rifle, then it was found to have been placed in the back of a car outside the school – can never make any sense.”

“First we were told she was a teacher at the school, and Adam went to that school, then later it emerged: A former school board official in Newtown called into question earlier reports that Nancy Lanza had been connected to Sandy Hook Elementary School, possibly as part of the teaching staff. “No one has heard of her,” said Lillian Bittman, who served on the local school board until 2011. “Teachers don’t know her.”

I encourage you to read the whole article; it is quite thorough and compelling, particularly the parallels between the London Subway Bombings, and Sandy Hook… and indirectly illuminates some interesting facets of 9/11 in a particular light as well.

In short, the Brits who published the article are claiming that both the London Subway Bombing and the Sandy Hook Massacre, perhaps amongst many other events, were both PSYOPS designed and executed by government to obtain capitulation from a fearful populace.  While I am not convinced that this is the case for either event, I honestly suggest that everyone reading this seriously consider the possibility that Sandy Hook, Aurora, Benghazi, and a number of other tragic events of recent history have been permitted to happen so that they could be used as the foundations of PSYOPS against the American public [and the world]. 

Just as the United States would never have entered WW-II without Pearl Harbor, and it has now been clearly proven that there was warning and foreknowledge that Pearl Harbor would be attacked, thus there is very reasonable cause to believe that it was allowed to happen to shift public opinion towards a vigorous war effort – perhaps these recent events have been allowed to occur so that public opinion would be excited in a specific way, to achieve a specific end, as well?

While I cannot prove that there is a conspiracy in play, there is mounting evidence that, at a minimum, government and media have developed plans to take advantage of these tragedies when they do occur.  It is not a big step to assume that, with all of the surveillance against Americans these days, that governments frequently get clear indications (a.k.a. “credible intelligence”) of impending events such as these mass murders.  Why then, do they not move to stop them, but rather let them unfold, and then come rushing in to “manage” the aftermath (media spin) the moment the violence is committed?

Ladies and gentlemen of America, you must be the jury here, on a very difficult case:  Does the US Federal Government today intentionally allow tragedies such as Aurora and Sandy Hook to occur so that public opinion will be excited, so that they can then spin that excited opinion against our own civil rights, just as FDR’s Government allowed Pearl Harbor to happen to excite opinions towards US entry into WW-II?

A Free People must make up their own minds, even when information is intentionally withheld or altered by an intervening party.  To simply accept the explanations offered, regardless how contradictory or implausible, without any critical analysis, is the mark of a slave, which brings me to my last point – if the government is working towards achieving our complicit slavery, to have us voluntarily enter servitude and grant all authority to the state, then these massacres and tragedies must continue to occur, because the are both the cause and the measure of our complicity.  In other words, these events are necessary to determine when we have surrendered our rights and our intellects to the collective.


~Those who abuse Liberty, convict themselves to Death!

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5 Responses to Hello America, This is Your Sanity Calling

  1. rogerunited says:

    I read that yesterday. the most compelling thing, the thing that I hadn’t even noticed, is the total lack of crime scene pics. Usually, when a crime is committed the news fills up with pics of damage, bloodstains, any thing they can use to portray the story visually. With Sandy Hook we don’t have that. That’s odd.

    The terror on the Tube site also raises some very dark suspicions about what could have happened to the kids. We need independent media.

  2. LT says:

    Rogerunited, There was next to no “substance” of that sort in the Aurora coverage, either. Nor was there at Ft. Hood. I believe that they don’t want hard evidence being available that might contradict their spin, since once released, said evidence could never be withdrawn.


  3. LT says:

    I used to live in CT, not 30 miles from Sandy Hook, and I know a number of police officers in the area -- they have repeatedly been given blanket instructions not to speak of, or even acknowlege the Sandy Hook case, let alone any details pertaining to it. One CT state trooper I know stated that they were told to “keep it all in, or expect to be working mall security” in at least one shift briefing. Whatever they’re hiding, it must be big… The governor up there, “Fingers” Dan Malloy, is a total machine puppet, and a true liberty-hating b@$tard, so he would go along with whatever they cooked up.

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