Meet the Host of the Raleigh “Save the American Dream” Rally


Dr. Edward (Ned) Yellig is a retired NC physician who specialized in hospice care.  In an interview with Fiona Morgan of the “Wake County Physician” he stated:

“There are a lot of ways to die, with either suffering or satisfaction, I was the facilitator in that process, and when it went well for everybody, it was a joy.”

In this article, Dr. Yellig describes death as “respecting the mystery of life and death without having to control it or own it or manage it.” 

Also of note is an article entitled “Palliative Sedation” by Dr. Yellig published in the 2003 3rd Quarter “Wake County Physician”.  This article details a case in which a dementia hospice patient was sedated until death had occurred. His reasoning for ending the life of a man who was not terminal:

“This situation differs from euthanasia in that the intent is not to take the life of the patient; the intent is to reduce suffering”

This type of thinking is the same as George Soros’ reasoning in the “Project on Death in America (PDIA).

Here is Dr. Yellig’s welcome message from ““:

Message from your host, Ned Y.: Description: Join the Rally to Save the American Dream with workers and people of America standing in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin, refusing to accept cuts and rights hard fought and earned. Steps we ask state and federal gov’t to take: *Make Wall Street and the super-rich pay their fair share. *Reduce spending responsibly by cutting the real fat – like corporate welfare for military contractors, big agriculture and big oil. *Protect the heart and soul of America – our teachers, nurses and first responders. *Guarantee the health, safety and success of our children and communities by leaving the muscle and bone of America’s communities intact. *Maintain the American Way by treating employees with dignity and respecting their right to a seat at the bargaining table. *Rebuild the middle class – and pathways into it – by fighting for a “made in America” innovation and manufacturing agenda, including trade and currency policies that honor American workers and entrepreneurs. *Stand for the idea that, in a crisis, Americans turn TO each other – and not ON each other.

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3 Responses to Meet the Host of the Raleigh “Save the American Dream” Rally

  1. As a physician, the entirety of my medical education was to protect all life as the precious gift it is. The thought of purposely ending the life of another (except in self defense) should be abhorrent to anyone, especially one trained to save life and enhance its quality. Palliation to ease the pain of death is the duty of every physician. The use of palliative medications to cause death is murder. Only the truly arrogant believe they have the right to choose life or death for someone else.
    Dr Dan

  2. William Sterrett says:

    Thank you for your comments Dr. Dan. Well stated! In Liberty, Bill

  3. Land of the Brave says:

    Similar to Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Affairs czar, academic elites who believe they have the right and even obligation to determine who should live and who should die. Sunstein has written that a “fetus” is not a human until the age of two years old and can still be aborted. How do you “abort” a two year old? With a gun shot to the head? This is an interesting article on where our country is headed with Obamacare and the liberals directing it, “A Look Into the Future”

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