The Next Boston Tea Party

boycottIn Colonial Boston, the Tea Party (December 16th, 1773) was a justified retributive strike against not only the government of a tyrant king, but also against a corporate cartel which knowingly cooperated for the benefit of exclusive control of a market, in return for it’s absolute support of government taxation upon it’s customers.

Our federal government has forgotten the lessons of 1773-1783, that citizens pushed too far have a unique ability to resist (and ultimately defeat) tyranny, and thus it is again time for such an object lesson to be taught on America soil.

The next Boston Tea Party will begin as a boycott of the Health Insurance cartel, and repudiation of Obamacare, and end as a full-blown TAX STRIKE against the federal government . Here’s why:

Like the reign of King George, King Obama and his swarming horde of bureaucratic flies have created a system which destroys individual rights, denies due process, and is purposed to eat out our sustenance through a combination of crippling taxes, onerous regulations, and the arbitrary and capricious imposition of fascist monopolization of every aspect of our lives through a host of corporate surrogates.

As the favored British business interests who supported the Tea Act (May 1773) and other intolerable acts of taxation and expropriation in the late colonial era, the health insurance industry of today has voluntarily cooperated in the stripping of our right to choose in healthcare – they want a state-sponsored monopoly, via Obamacare, to force “subscribers” into their profit-making scheme.

Is it any difference with “mega-banks”, or the 401(k) and “Mutual Fund” mills which use our retirement money to gamble for profits today, without regard for our future?  NO, they are no different than the federal government and their Social Security Slavery, Medi-Fraud, and Welfare schemes.
Call them what they are; EXTORTION under color of Authority by FED.GOV and their co-conspirators, the Mega-Corporate Cartels.

In all of these things, the key is the same – they want your money, so that they can put it to their uses; and at this point is is plainly aparent that their uses for YOUR MONEY are blatantly contrary to your self interest.  So why do you keep giving them YOUR MONEY?  It is, after all, your choice –

BOYCOTT the health insurance cartel who slavishly assisted in the passing of the unconstitutional Obamacare, and who are agressively pushing its universal implementation for their own benefit.

BOYCOTT any doctor who charges an exorbitant fee for “uninsured” parties, while at the same time giving the Health Insurance Cartel discounts of 50-85% off of those inflated rates and thus supporting a two-tiered system designed to force you to submit to the cartel.

BOYCOTT the TBTF Banks and “Investment Houses” which practice usury against you with your own money.  Hold Cash, buy gold and other commodities which you personally possess.

BOYCOTT the Progressive Media/Entertainment industry.  A substantial portion of your monthly cable bill goes directly towards the corruption and enslavement of our nation, by funding the propaganda mills of the MSM.  Your cable subscription is now nothing more than a sewer line which runs *into* your house.  Cancel it today.

CHANGE your employment status to being a 1099 subcontractor, and go on a

And lastly,
VIOLENTLY REFUSE any attempt to infringe our remaining protections in regards to firearms, including registration, confiscation, taxation, or other ‘indirect controls’ such as mandating liability insurance on your guns.  Stand up for your neighbors, and fight FED.GOV off at every attempt to infringe.

With all that money which you now don’t surrender to FED.GOV and the various Cartels,
buy Food, Guns, Ammo, and associated field equipment, so that you are prepared when things go sideways and the shooting starts.

The choice is yours, but regardless of what you choose, you will be held accountable…

~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!

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2 Responses to The Next Boston Tea Party

  1. fedup says:

    I have heard that the current education system is teaching children that the Tea Party “Indians” were terrorists. My how history changes in the wrong hands. I consider them patriots and always will. I will teach my child the real history not the revisionist history.
    I do boycot who and what I can just by my way of life. The Mark of the Beast has arrived along with one of the Antichrists…………. Pass it and we’ll find out what’s in it, lol

  2. LT says:

    If they do not back off, then there shall be mass graves in every State of the Union, but it will not be the Liberty-minded who will be filling them. These progressive demons would have been wiser to leave us alone, but alas, the libertine fools persist along the path of destruction, and thus have awakened the dragon, so now they must all be it’s fodder; as Justice demands it, so shall it be.

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