Ultimate Plea to Authority – The Universe Is Not Odd; We Are

I dare you to watch this video all the way through. It will drive you mad, but it illustrates a point which cannot be well made, absent such a blatantly irrational exercise of theoretical speculation clothed as sublime fact, as it is offered here.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND? People who indulge in such wild and immaterial speculation and call it science, without any requirement or expectation that there be factual relevance to the actual, real world; and who shield this speculation from any and all normal criticism by putting it under the heading of “Theoretical Science” and/or Mathematics, are the progenitors of those who believe in the socialist/utopian concept, whose origins are clearly and plainly within academia, cut loose from all sensible constraints and wildly run amok.

Just like the socialists/utopians, these “theorists” choose to believe the impossible because it amuses them and gives them a sense of superiority. And if you can’t or WON’T follow along in their didactic sophistry, they will simply classify you as ignorant, incapable of understanding them and their ideas, and thenceforth ignore you and your opinion.  The very conclusion of the video is a plea to “the Universe” as the ultimate authority, and places the value of the imagined construct above the rational human mind engaged in the real and material world.  Or in other words, Insanity.

Not surprisingly, the presumption of superiority among socialist/utopians operates in exactly the same way as that of these “academic theorists” from whence they were spawned – if you don’t agree with them, and will not concede that their belief/idea might be valid (which to them is the same as admitting that it ***IS*** valid), they they will simply dismiss you and your opinion as ignorant and therefore irrelevant.

There is no way to “prove them wrong”. Facts are irrelevant to them, because they can always explain them away using some bit of their sophist repertoire, as is so blatantly exhibited here; and when that doesn’t work, they automatically descend to ad-hominem attacks, re: “Flat Earth’ers”, “Bitter clingers”, “Tea Baggers”, “Neanderthals”, “War on Women”, “War or the Poor”, and etc.

They claim an uncountably infinite number of ways to be right, ans assign to every opponent an uncountably infinite number of ways to be wrong.

NO ARGUMENT CAN PEIRCE THE VEIL OF THEIR ASSUMED SUPERIORITY, because words are just toys for them to twist and abuse, the same way this guy is abusing the fundamentals of number theory and geometry to create a false paradox.

Upon once telling a hardcore socialist (in one of my last engagements of wits before dismissing this former friend) that “words have meaning, just like elections have consequences” – he reviled me and said that, “words were open to redefinition as frequently as was necessary to convince people, but that ACTIONS ARE IMMUTABLE” once they are made.   I took those words to heart, and I advise you to do the same.  I’m not sure if he realized how badly he was bragging, that what the socialists have done is ‘irreversible’, and how strongly that plain clear statement establishes the just use of violence to stop them.

Therefore, the only possibly effective discourse against this nihilist, idiocratic and pathologically consumptive ideology is the execution of violence against those who hold everything sensible, reasonable, and rational in contempt…

ALL OF THEM – In government. In academia. In business. In the “arts” and sciences. (I have to put the word “Arts” in quotes, because much of what they call “art” is utterly putrid garbage, created only for it’s “shock value”… there is nothing edifying about it, neither immediately nor upon subsequent contemplation).


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