3rd World Police State … continued

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects…”

is no longer a concern of the judiciary or the police.

Last Friday we chatted theoretically about the recent decision of the Indiana courts to enable felons police state-sponsored-thugs to violate the sanctity of your home and person.

Today we get a peek into how that ruling will be implemented in practice:

“CROWN POINT, Ind. – According to Newton County Sheriff, Don Hartman Sr., random house to house searches are now possible and could be helpful following the Barnes v. STATE of INDIANA Supreme Court ruling issued on May 12th, 2011. When asked three separate times due to the astounding callousness as it relates to trampling the inherent natural rights of Americans, he emphatically indicated that he would use random house to house checks, adding he felt people will welcome random searches if it means capturing a criminal.”

Story: Random House to House Searches

What is the proper response of all sane people to such nonsense? 


The public notice posted conspicuously on the doors to my home informs visitors that they will disarm upon request and ENTER ONLY WITH PERMISSION.

Any other intrusion will automatically cause me to assume the action of the intruder is one of the following: 

  1. intent to murder
  2. intent to do grevious bodily harm
  3. intent to perform sexual assault

If you are not familiar with how these three conditions apply to self defense, you’d better check your NC law references.


UPDATE: Comments by Arctic Patriot and T.L.Davis

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William Sterrett
William Sterrett
10 years ago

Sheriff Don Hartman, Sr. I will place you among one of the several morons in law enforcement that I had to work with during my career. In liberty always, Bill

Julane Sprague Baggett
10 years ago

I understand Indiana is passing a law saying law enforcement may enter at any time, any reason…PRAY KEEP YOUR WEAPONS AT HAND AND MOVE TO HIGHER GROUND…TO GODS GLORY…..