BREAKING: Wikileaks Exposes Clinton Assassination of Scalia

RedStateWatcher 13 October 2016 – BREAKING! Wikileaks exposes the Assassination of Scalia and it could bring down the Clintons and the Democratic Party!



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4 years ago

We really need to revive burning at the stake for all these “special” people.

4 years ago
Reply to  Wingy

Naw, burning at the stake is to good and quick for them (Clintons) Make them suffer the same way they made us and other folks in this world suffer because of their actions. I would suggest that we trice them up like a deer we just shot, and let each family member of the families that have suffered because of them, take a small pin knife and have the turn to cut (only one cut per family) their name on the Live Body of both Clintons as their hanging there naked.
O’le Rich.

Tom Angle
4 years ago

I have $10 that nothing happens to her.