Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Authorities

(ZeroHedge)Just two days after Deutsche Bank co-CEOs Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen announced their resignations, the banks offices in Germany, France, and the UK have been searched by authorities.

Deutsche Bank confirmed its offices in Frankfurt had been searched on Tuesday and said investigators were looking for evidence related to client transactions, with no Deutsche Bank employees accused of wrong-doing.

A spokesman for Germany’s largest lender said the raid had been conducted on behalf of prosecutors in the German city of Wiesbaden, who were seeking evidence of securities transactions by the bank’s clients.


This should prove interesting…

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8 years ago

The German Government is looking to cover up there illegal banking activities , most likely the same way they protect the islamic terrorists in that country. there must be drug money flowing into the banks from the islamics and there drug industry, under German government approval of course. The Heads of the banks leaving only lead me to believe this. The government leaders are tied in with drug money laundering and that’s why they need to seize the records and destroy them. The German people as well as the Italians have it with there corrupted governments protecting Islamic terrorists. this stinks of drug money laundering. This is all could be pie in the sky thinking on my part,but knowing the corruption of European leaders I believe its all true.