An interview worth reading …

What follows is an excerpt from WRSA’s interview … Ten Questions for Bill Buppert

5) Give us the 2016 State of the Union, Buppert style.

I am a non-voter so I observe the current “race” for the Offal Office with clinical interest but nothing more. I admire Bernie Sanders because he is an unapologetic Stalinist who is nothing more than EVERY US political candidate on truth serum. He is the polar opposite of Ron Paul, a true exemplar of the pro-death religion that is the state idolater. Whoever gets the ring of power for the next four years in Mordor on the Potomac to run the American Necromonger Complex will deliver more of the same but worse. It always gets worse.

More wars will be waged and everything practiced in the Middle East such as biometric identification and surveillance technologies of every stripe will come home and be used against the Helots on the US plantation. The UK is a sterling example of what a defunct empire looks like in the homeland.

It is an open bet on whether technology will favor SLAVFOR or FREEFOR. Some bright spots are the increasing realization on a critical mass of Americans the US constabulary is the bloody end of all politics and that the clarion call for a Nuremberg excuse for all the havoc and murder the American police Orcs visit daily is just the cost of civilization. It’s anecdotal but the increasing number of folks I and my colleagues run into who think that self-ownership may be job one for very human is resonating with larger swaths of the population. And this is not new, American Appalachia and the trudge Westward in these united States were all escape attempts by entire communities to elude the noose of the Atlantic seaboard government supremacists who had penned the ownership deed by the state of American subjects in the Constitution.

Pay attention to the Amish, they have broke the code on eluding government chains in broad daylight via peaceful means.

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6 Responses to An interview worth reading …

  1. Tom Angle says:

    What exactly does he mean by “Pay attention to the Amish, they have broke the code on eluding government chains in broad daylight via peaceful means”.

  2. randyedye says:

    Surely you’ve seen the video released yesterday morning of video being taken from inside the truck by protestors when being fired upon by FBI. No shots came from truck as law enforcement]t continues to pound the vehicle with bullets, even after they shot and they murdered LaVoy

  3. boer6 says:

    The Amish have managed to peacefully craft a path that defies lots of US government nonsense in following their way of life.

    Bill Buppert

    • Old timer says:

      I would suggest the true breakers of the code are pushing shopping carts and sleeping in cardboard boxes over sewer covers. The Amish simply have an underground or parallel economy within our system of governance. The Amish are simply tolerated. The shopping cart folks are unwanted. Superficially they appear to have nothing to loose or take. JMO

    • Tom Angle says:

      I am not so sure they defy lots. From what I seen growing up in Holmes Country Ohio, they just keep to themselves and take care of their own. I know they do have their own slush fund, but a lot of them still us banks. They have insurance and more and more work for some business and are becoming less self sufficient (but nothing like us english). Like Old timer said, they are just tolerated as of now. They bring big money into Holmes Country in the form of tourism. Which is the only real income in the county.

    • Tom Angle says:

      I do have to say, a large group of similarly minded people can wield a large amount of power at the county level. They have to power to sway councilmen, judges, sheriffs and local businessmen. If they do not cater to the group, they will not be re-elected or have a customer base. I have seen this in action all my life.

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