Arizona Legislature Passes Anti-NDAA Bill

After months of internecine legislative battles, including the threat that the bill as amended by the State House of Representatives would not make it out of committee,  the Arizona State Senate approved the revised version of Senate Bill 1182 and the legislation will now go to the desk of Governor Jan Brewer (left) for her signature or veto. As the bill’s primary sponsor, State Senator Sylvia Allen told The New American, “There were a lot of ups and downs along the say, but ultimately the Senate passed the House’s amended version of the bill by a vote of 20-8.”


If signed by Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona will be the second state to block NDAA’s sweeping power grab, with 7 additional states including Utah having similar legislative bills under consideration.  This puts Arizona well ahead of the pack in terms of resisting Federal over-reach, as Arizona has already passed HR 1070, which explicitly affirms the State’s right to enforce immigration policy within its borders.


Additional state legislatures are investigating the use of similar bills to curtail Federal over-reach as of this writing, and the battle for States’ Rights in the face of a rapidly expanding Federal Government is just beginning to heat up.

Please pray for the strength and integrity of the State Legislatures, and their commitment to the defense of States’ Rights against further encroachment – we need all the protection and affirmation we can obtain as to our natural rights as citizens.


~ Those who discard Liberty, do so at their own peril


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