“Basket of Deplorables” – Words Have Consequences

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6 Responses to “Basket of Deplorables” – Words Have Consequences

  1. Bill says:

    I pray Clinton ,The Obamas and there bastard children the Bushes all go down in a ball of flames on election day. even if we win, Trump still has many hurdles to get over such as the Bureaucracy . the bureaucracy has been stuffed with Clinton and Obama WHORES who are Fanatics and they will do all they can to destroy Trump from the inside. Trump must Clean house in the entire bureaucracy even if it means giving the pond scum democrats early retirements. He must get out as many democrats as he can if the nation id to survive.

  2. LT says:

    Bill, I would be careful how much to expect from Trump -- he’s a “Law & Order” populist, so he’s not going to reduce the size of the bureaucracy much, if at all. He may push on Congress to repeal 0bozocare and to streamline a few other things, but by and large he’s a reprieve, not a true change of course for our country…

    • Bill says:

      I believe what you are saying, all we can do is hope he does the right thing. after all, everything is in the Lords hand on how he deals with our nation of pigs, perverts, dirt bags, sodomites, lesbos, slobs, murderers, drug pushers, law breakers in the government and out of government, etc.

      • LT says:

        Agreed -- we are in our Lords hands, and He shall judge. And I remember His command, that we pray for those who hurt or offend us, and even those who offend Him, for they are in most need of His mercy.
        This is our means of living proof that we honor His command to “Judge Not”, but leave all power and Justice to Him…


        • Bill says:

          you wont need to judge there hearts, that is Gods job, but you need discernment between what is a good spirit and what is a bad spirit, this only comes from judging the person and what comes out of there mouth. with out judging between right and wrong then we would be swallowed up by the evil one and his antics. remember the whole world is in the grips of the evil one, Fallen angels and his demon hoards, and we must always be ready to give an account of Christ when we are faced with situations even if they are uncomfortable including life threatening. Remember we are now in the Basket of deplorables told to us by Hillary Clinton and her minions and this what they believe of us.

  3. Wrench says:

    I can honestly say that I can call more than one half of her voters despicable and the other ones moochers.

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