Clinton Foundation: $3 BILLION In “Contributions”

(Daily Caller)  –  In its 15 years of operations, the Clinton Foundation, formally known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, has collected up to $2 billion from donors, according to The Washington Post. The donors include a wide range of the world’s wealthiest people: Eastern European tycoons, Arab Sheiks, African mining magnates, hedge fund billionaires and Wall Street firms.

The Post reported that the couple brought in $3 billion when campaign contributions are included in the total. “The Clintons’ fundraising operation — $3 billion amassed by one couple, working in tandem for more than four decades — has no equal,” the Post reported in a wide-ranging investigation into the sources of the couple’s funds.


And most of it is, at this point, untraceable.  In other words, the Clintons have laundered it.  And if they have laundered that much money for themselves, then how much money have they laundered for others? 


Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along, move along…

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