Heart of the “matter” …

An excerpt from something you should read:

“The politics of the memo only drive home the extent to where this is the ultimate outcome of current events. It is a stage of nationhood that, like puberty, is a necessary aspect of an aging society. We have well-defined sides, polar opposite goals, high-level government officials determined to risk treason in order to effect the conversion to communism. The only real question left, at this point, is whether conservatives have enough high-level government officials willing to risk civil war to hold the treasonous accountable for their actions. The answer to that question determines whether the gloves come off and the communists already in control of much of government go after the timid conservatives in government with real bullets and garrotes, or the conservatives stiffen and put them in prison, all of them, to keep them from doing just that.”

Source: TL Davis “Real Bullets and Garrotes”

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1 Response to Heart of the “matter” …

  1. Bill says:

    unfortunately it wont be accomplished by conservatives in government , it will have to be done by the patriots to rid the nation of this vermin Marxist maggot scum. Or are we to sit idly by and watch these lunatic murderers gain control of our three branches of government once again, If so then our families will be obliterated by these animals in the bureaucracy and the leadership, I say no and the patriots will hunt everyone of them down like the dogs and pigs they are and eliminate them, this will be the civil war the Marxist demon craps were hoping for without understanding it will be there lives and families on the line and chopping block by the patriots, Oh, by the way there will be no trials and juries for these animal dirt bags to go, they will all be hanged on site for the vermin they all are.
    May the God of the universe protect us his people and may he continually bless us and our families for the protection we all need in these perilous times in which we are living.

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