Here’s your chance.

Years from now, when you are old and slow, what would you give?

What would you give to say “I was in Richmond on 1/20”?

Maybe it’ll be nothing.

Maybe it’ll be everything.

What if 20,000 people with arms show up? Sends a clear message.

You talk of throwing commies from helicopters. You talk about no more free Wacos. You talk about stepping off the porch when you have to.

Will you come now? When it is easy and does not require everything?


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12 Responses to Here’s your chance.

  1. a follower says:

    i believe there is something wrong with those who are “making their list” those who fantasize about throwing commies out of helicopters,of public hangings of using guillotines etc. i understand it, yet there is something amiss!
    Never the less.

    Deadly Volcano, Nova Remnant, Special Announcement | S0 News Dec.9.2019
    45,639 views•Dec 9,2019
    At 3:33 min. watch & Billion people. While most of us are squabbling over worldly things, it might do one good to see what else is going on. ?

  2. 1chota says:

    Matt Bracken gives invaluable advice about Richmond. Don’t go there.
    Set up your patriot rally in some county where the Sheriff and all the townspeople are solid 2A supporters.
    Tell Antifa you are going to Richmond so they will, but then fool them and show up somewhere else.
    Bracken is right.

  3. Charley Waite says:

    Another vote for the Bracken approach. It’s a setup. Do it on friendlier ground to eliminate false flags

  4. xtron says:

    someone much smarter than I am needs to start a RECALL PETITION…and make sure it, or a copy of it, is at EVERY protest, town hall meeting, and every wal mart parking lot (I can do that one), until we have enough signatures and support to remove northam and company.
    THAT will scare them much more than marches and protests. ,,,, and it’s a lot less bloody

  5. oldtimer505 says:

    Listen to what Matt Bracken is saying. He has the experience and training in such matters. I suggest you don’t follow emotion down its hole. If this goes full retard don’t be the group that takes it there.

  6. Citizen says:

    VCDL has organized a 2A lobby day during the Virginia General Assembly session annually for several years. These events have been well-attended, peaceable, and effective, and the Capitol Police have been professional, respectful, and helpful. The Dems are trying to extinguish our 2nd Amendment rights. I decline to let them extinguish my 1st Amendment rights as well. So I’ll be there.

    • Charley Waite says:

      Good Citizen,
      I don’t think you can compare previous Lobby Days to this upcoming one, especially post-Charlottesville. I pray you are right

  7. a follower says:

    Being the Gray man, is not being a coward, being the gray man does not = apathy, being the gray man does not fail “our children, being the gray man does mean, we are not following their rules of engagement. we are stronger as individuals, each one fighting the battles as we see fit! We group up, we are a far easier target. If we infiltrate, as individuals firing select arrows of Truth into the lies and deceptions we do a far greater service, for all.
    If it were your state, your city, would you want a bunch of outsiders barging in?
    if it comes down to it, and they Need, our help, that is another thing.
    Seeing what is being said from the ‘good’ and upright sheriffs is a positive indicator!
    Knowing that the True National guardsman would and should never turn against their fellow countrymen is another positive sign. And yes their may be a few interlopers that would need to be addressed.
    If they bring in the “fearful” U.N.”peace keepers.” Well that too is another matter and would have to be addressed, (As it happens.)

  8. Red in OleVirginny says:

    Those who do not wish to gather in Richmond can stay home. I suppose they would not have been at Lexington and Concord either. They are not needed.
    Fear is a weapon of the enemy. Fear of what “may ” happen will not be used against me.
    It’s time to leave the porch.
    And by the way -- there will be many more rallies in friendly counties. Some large and public -- some quiet and in the dark. Some have already taken place.

    “Fear not, for I am with you;
    Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
    I will strengthen you,
    Yes, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ -- Isaiah 41:10

    Red in OleVirginny

  9. Red in OleVirginny says:
  10. a follower says:

    On December 13, 2019 at 7:56 am, Kaiserworks said:
    Matt Bracken wrote about this scenario playing out in VA back in 2003. Bless that man, he has opened many eyes mine included, using extremely well written fiction.

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