Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee recently said “Obama is marching Israelis to the door of the oven.” President Obama countered by saying that Huckabee’s comments were “ridiculous.”

While in the medical field in the military, I was required to watch a Morris Massey film entitled “What You Are is Where You Were When.” The thrust of the film was an attempt to establish that our views, biases, and overall perception of reality are formed when we are very young—and for the most part establish our views on life into adulthood.

Huckabee’s parents were Southern Democrats of the 1950s. His father worked as a fireman and mechanic, and his mother worked as a clerk at a gas company. Huckabee received a degree in religion and went to work for televangelist James Robison. Because of his religious education and his association with Robison, he views issues in terms of moral absolutes. Whether one likes Mr. Huckabee or not—he is not difficult to understand when he makes a statement.

Obama’s parents were a little different than those of Huckabee. His father was an African exchange student from Kenya and his mother a white student at the University of Hawaii. Obama senior had a pregnant wife and infant still living in the Luo tribe in Kenya when he married the three month pregnant Ann Durham. From the time of his birth in 1961 until 1971, there is no evidence to suggest that Obama Sr. had any interaction with young Barack.

Ms. Durham divorced Obama Sr. in January 1964 and then married Lolo Soetoro in 1965. Mr. Soetoro returned to Indonesia after his graduation from the University of Hawaii and Ms. Durham (Soetoro), along with young Barack followed him to Indonesia after her graduation. Mr. Soetoro, as well as Obama’s biological father was Muslims—and Obama Sr. gave Barack the Muslim name of Hussein. We have no way of knowing what kind of religious training and indoctrination young Barack received—but, since Soetoro and his family were Muslim—no doubt Barack had more than a casual exposure to the religion of Islam. After the fourth grade young Obama went to Hawaii to live with his grandparents.

Mr. Huckabee views the world in black and white and his moral absolutes do not allow him to consider different shades of gray. On the other hand, Mr. Obama was not exposed to Southern conservative views or fundamentalist Christian training. While Huckabee sat under the tutelage of Robison, Mr. Obama sat under the teaching of Jeremiah Wright—an angry anti-Semitic bombastic black preacher in Chicago who was forced to resign his pastorate position due to his anti-American comments. Now we know why Huckabee and Obama look at the world through different prisms.

Which one is correct with reference to the Iran nuclear deal? I have not read the agreement so I can’t comment on the specifics. But, since I was exposed to John Kerry when he was condemning his fellow military comrades—I have little faith in him as a human being. Also, Kerry’s trusted advisor in the Iran deal was also deeply involved in the North Korean nuclear negotiations—how did that work out for us?

Iran has steadfastly vowed to exterminate Israel (Jews). The problem is that half the world’s Jews live in North America. So if Iran is sincere in their threats of Jewish annihilation, they will have to kill more than half of them in the United States and Canada.

We have no clue what Mr. Obama believes with regard to religion. Nor do we know his views on the Jews or their survival. Since Mr. Obama came into office, he has shown little regard for Israel or its leadership, and the Israelis leaders seem just as impressed with him.

Considering that Mr. Obama needs some accomplishment, other than Obamacare, to justify some legacy for his eight years as president—he is highly motivated to get his name on an Iran deal. Kerry is hoping for a Nobel Peace prize. I have trouble trusting folks who are guided by their own ambitions! Huckabee is concerned regarding the continued welfare of the Jews and obviously has enough horse sense to believe what the Iranians say—I tend to agree with him.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer from North Carolina.

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  1. Rich says:

    Of course we know Obamas thoughts -- he sat in the Rev Wright
    church for 20 years!!

    Black Liberation Theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with
    the goals of the black community.. If God is not for us and against white people,
    then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him.. The task of black theology is
    to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community.. Black theology will accept
    only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy..

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