Laws are just opinions … with guns.

Stefan Molyneux responds to critics of his statement “The Constitution is just a piece of paper…”

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6 Responses to Laws are just opinions … with guns.

  1. LT says:

    And if men were all truly good, anarchy would be better.
    But at least half of the human race chooses to be evil…

    So, how does that work, in terms of ‘use of force’, and even more profoundly, in terms or promoting the common good (of our communities) which the Founding Fathers spoke of?

    • Hans says:

      In previous posts on NCRenegade, I addressed the evil of malum prohibitum and its’ enabling structure, the “positive legislation” of statute, ordinance, and regulation.

      In those articles I presented the case for Rightful Liberty under common-law. The journey of my ‘discovery’ may be found through links in the final essay:

      “Anarchy does not happen because people violate written or positive law. Anarchy only happens when people violate natural law.” – Robert Hart. I have concluded that anarchy does not mean without laws, it means without masters.

      “The State … is merely an organized band of predators with a veneer of legitimacy derived either from tradition or from a manufactured appearance of the consent of its subjects …” (referenced in link above)

      “The common good (of our communities)…” will only be achieved when we reject the legislative jurisdiction of the State, any state, that claims us as its’ property, and return to life as free men and women under common-law.

      A culture of liberty will only be restored when each of us, individually, lives our lives as if Rightful Liberty had never disappeared.

      • Robin says:

        Amen. I might also add that while I believe many well-intentioned people hold or are swayed by viewpoints, “And if men were all truly good, anarchy would be better. But at least half of the human race chooses to be evil…” as is expressed above, one must also consider that this philosophy is the basis of modern “progressivist” thought and responsible for many issues liberty minded individuals seek to address currently.

        We all know Madison’s famous quotation: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” This may be the only time I take exception to Madison’s views by countering that since men are not angels, why do we put them in positions of authority over us and arm them?

        This line of thinking begs the question, “Who gets to decide what is evil?”. An apt illustration might involve the example of the currently outlawed compound, cocaine, which of course was once widely used medicinally and recreationally as well as being a primary ingredient in the carbonated beverage we call “Coca-Cola”, hence the name as cocaine is derived from the coca plant. So what happened during the time that cocaine went from being an ingredient in products and widely used socially or otherwise to becoming an outlawed “drug”? Did the compound change? Or, conversely, did society change? I think we know the answer……

        In my mind when we ask the state to determine and enforce ethics, morality and what have you, we are asking for a reduction of liberty and freedoms as we have witnessed today. We have perpetual warfare with nations that do not agree with some of us.

        For me, I like the mantra, “No victim, no crime”, one that I believe is closer to the truths envisioned by our nation’s founders (excepting of course Mr. Hamilton). Again, for me, I believe that the government’s role is the rather limited one of protecting individual liberties, not enforcing the will of the majority.

  2. Lordchamp says:

    The Constitution IS just a piece of paper, it’s the application of it that brings in the problems. It’s because we, flawed humans, are the ones doing the application.

    We have never, and we will never, apply something the way it was intended without constant and unceasing diligence to the task and our attention span is just usually not that long.

    The Founders knew all this and told us when they wrote our Founding Documents. They said we had to be a moral, ethical, and diligent people to keep our Republic they had given us.

    We did not listen to the wisdom as is the human habit. So here we are yet again, facing the same and worse problems they were facing in their time in history. Other humans using government to demean, control, and plunder those that created a government for the purpose of protecting them and the rights.

    It’s the same pattern that has gone on since the beginning of humans on this earth and will continue until we are gone.

    There is only one way out as is always the case, destroy and start the cycle again. That’s all we know how to do, it’s human nature, it’s who we are.

    There are only two real questions:

    Does the destruction happen, by the hands of the governed, revolution, by the hands of others, war, or by implosion, economic collapse?

    What happens after the destruction?

    Those are really the only two things that matter to each of us. We must decide for ourselves where we fit into those two questions and how we prepare to handle them with our families and communities. Time is short.

  3. JMarshalek says:

    The theme of this article is a shadow combined with a deception of reality and truth. The shadow in the theme of this article is: law created by man and the force implied and applied to bring about compliance. As the law given on Mount Sinai, Scripture teaches that this is only a shadow of what is real. Nevertheless, there is without doubt a law that governs creation. And likewise, there is without doubt, force implied and applied on those who reject the law of creation.

    The deception couched within this theme lies in the false dialectic presented. That deception is: man has the ability to choose who governs his life and that man himself is best suited to govern his own affairs.

    The truth, on the other hand, rejects the theme of this article. The Creator has dominion over His creation. And He subjects His creation according to truth and righteousness. According to His judgements, precepts, ordinances, and commands, if one hears and obeys, one will learn to love God with his whole heart, mind, and strength. And this individual will overcome the law that condemns man. And likewise if one rejects his Creator, one will suffer corruption and death. Therefore the true dialectic is: Love God with your whole heart, mind, and strength. And then love one another as God loves. Only then will the shadow become reality. Only then will one understand liberty according to the Creator’s design.

    Lucifer was the first to reject God’s law. Nimrod was the first to hunt the souls of man. Together, spirit and man combine to plant corruption in the heart of man and then to reap the souls of man. Only by His Holy Spirit can one overcome the deception of Satan and his progeny. Only through hearing the Word of God and then doing, will one escape the influences that serve to make captive the hearts and minds to Satan’s dominion.

    • Hans says:

      Mr Marshalak … once again you inject your theology into one of my discussion threads.

      You set an expectation According to His judgements, precepts, ordinances, and commands, if one hears and obeys, one will learn to love God with his whole heart, mind, and strength..

      I find this to be the moral equivalent of the relationship between a serf and his medieval monarch. Precisely what the statists want to achieve in society.

      Perhaps you should reflect upon your personal beliefs in context of the medical condition known as Stockholm Syndrome:

      Stockholm Syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

      If you respond with scripture, be assured I will again block you from the discussion.

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