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Monday, November 28, 2011

Posted by T.L. Davis

Resolve To Act

I have in the past few days had an opportunity to be contacted by some very interesting individuals. They were interested in the Liberty Summit and had different ideas about what should be done there and what they had attempted over the past several decades. They were kind to point out the pitfalls and difficulties with attempting this endeavor. It has all been done before, you see. Yes, it has.

And yet, we do not live in a state of liberty that any of us would recognize. Is this because there is a fine line between demanding one’s rights and engaging in insurrection? One might think so, but actually even the violent overthrow of the United States government is a right that any and all of us retain. It is written eloquently by Paine and Jefferson that our government is a guarantor of our rights. Any other function of this government is by definition treason.

So it cannot be treasonous to oppose treason. It cannot be illegal or immoral to rectify the abuses and illegal actions of a government hell-bent on the destruction of its very justification for existence. This is where the government officials find themselves in one heck of an ironic position. To prosecute their power is, at this point, a violation of the Constitution, a nullification of the very document that gives them the authority to exert their power. They have made themselves illegitimate by denying the validity of the Constitution.

Likewise, every single person in uniform, either military or law enforcement are acting illegally if they suppress justified insurrection or enforce laws that so clearly are in violation of the Bill of Rights.

When congressmen joke that the Constitution is anything they say it is, or they defer to a largely political body of judges, i.e. the Supreme Court, to circumvent rights that protect the citizen from the power of government, they secure themselves as tyrants and become the enemy of the Constitution.

There are those who willingly subject themselves to the rulings of the Supreme Court as if it were a body of the wise dedicated to the preservation of the legitimacy of the national government, which it should be, but has not been for a very, very long time, if ever it was. It has instead become a body seeking to direct society along an evolutionary plane leading ultimately to a society of servants to the federal power. This is where we are today.

The Constitution was written by citizens for citizens. It was not supposed to take a legal mind to understand one’s rights, they were clear and obvious for all to understand. Choose any phrase in the Constitution and see if it still holds, after judicial review, the same purpose that seems so obvious to the literal mind. Such declarations as “Congress shall make no law…” seems pretty clear and yet, that has been undermined at every occasion.

The Supreme Court seems now ready to rule that indeed the federal government can require an individual to purchase health insurance. Regardless of the obvious and logical impossibility of this fact, it only takes four justices to agree to that principle and it is done. The Fourth Amendment has been watered down to a point of irrelevance, likewise the Second, the First (with hate-speech) laws and etc.

Admittedly we live in a different time from our forefathers. We are ill-equipped to face the federal government to demand a redress of the many grievances we have suffered. The legal fight has been waged in courtrooms across the land and the people have suffered at the hands of these social engineers in the black robes. They cannot be trusted with our liberty.

So, it is left to us again to demand it. It is left to us again to struggle for it. It is left to us again to secure it to ourselves and more importantly our posterity. But how? With all of the government’s resources, how are we to get what we were promised at the founding of this nation? How do we undo centuries of systematic enslavement?

To begin, one needs a beginning. The first objective is first to gather. In the old days this was done in taverns across the colonies. It was done in an atmosphere of oppression where the freedom of thought and word were sacred demonstrations of intent. The yoke of oppression weighed heavily on those men and women who had a foreign enemy to focus their ire upon.

Today it is much more difficult, it is the patriotic, the nation-loving person who now must look out upon the Stars and Stripes as somehow foreign and inflammatory. The most dedicated to the union must be those assigned the task of opposing it.

Like the tax on tea, there must be a final insult that drives the patriot toward action. There have been abuses upon abuses over the centuries, but what is that one step too far? Most of us have reached it already. It has come and gone and we have bit our tongues and wiped our hands and went about life. It sticks like a popcorn shell in our throats, but we try to swallow it anyway, we try to get past it, but it won’t go down. So, we wait for others to find their limit. It is dismaying to find that many, most will never arrive at a moment when they watch another freedom disappear, when they accept one more federal dictate that drives them toward us. We, those who will stand up for liberty, realize then that we must pursue liberty for them as well. We must free them from their own prisons in order to free ourselves. One cell cannot be emptied without throwing the door open to all.

Our Liberty Summit must identify that final moment when the last line has been crossed and action must be the next step. Even if we agree that has already come and gone we must recognize it as our mandate to act and act in concert. If we are to act as brothers and sisters, we must meet as family.

I encourage you to attend the Liberty Summitand resolve to act.

 Posted by T.L. Davis at 10:13 PM

This follows “A Continuing Effort to Turn Words Into Actions


Posted by Kerodin

Outlaw Patriot: Alan Mullenax

I am proud to have just spoken with one of our most serious Patriots, Alan Mullenax.

We spoke for about 90 minutes about our community, the challenges before us, and our determination to see Liberty restored.

He and I look with hope toward TL and the PatriotCon.  This must be an event that declares to the world that serious men and women will meet on the Green, with weapons slung and Go Bags in place.

We do not need to say a word.

We need to muster and stand our ground.  We do not need speeches.  We do not need chest-thumping.  We need serious Patriots with kits to behave like the militia our Founders knew would be necessary.

And we need Leaders.  We need Patriots who will take point, and take what the Enemies of Liberty throw at us.

Please, my fellow Patriots, do not let TL’s PatriotCon devolve into a weak shadow of Occupy or Tea Party.

Let this be our Green.  Let this be where thousands of American Minutemen stand with full gear and look into the eyes of the Enemies of Liberty and declare with our silence that their days of enslaving Americans have ended.

Here is the Meet-up site for TL.

Let’s do this.

Yes, LEO will be there.  Yes, our enemies will know our names.  Yes, this is dangerous.

Yes, Liberty requires defiance to Tyrants.

Come get some.


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